You read the title right. The St. Louis Cardinals are on fire, ladies and gents. With a 9-3 record to bust off the 2008 season, they’re proving doubters wrong and standing correct in the eyes of most non-pessimistic Cards fans. Today, losing 5-0 following the 6th inning, and beind held to. . . 0 hits (thanks Matt Cain), Albert Pujols provided a double. Then the Cardinals went on to score two runs in the 7th, three runs in the 8th, and two more in the 9th to command a 7-5 lead. However, San Francisco clawed back to the tie the game.

In the end, though, the Red Birds prevailed in the 10th to win 8-7, enhancing their record to 9-3.

Yeah, I know that crappy teams jump out of the gates playing well every season before they start faltering. I haven’t watched the Orioles play at all this year, but I do know that they should be playing like the way the Tigers are right now. I think they switched places, or something, y’know? There’s just too much that’s backwards in the MLB right now, but I’m not going to complain.

I have two favorite Rookies in baseball right now. Both play for the Cardinals. Pitcher Kyle McClellan is one. He’s only played in five games so far, but the experience points that he’s gained from playing in those few games have been big. Sticking him in one out, bases loaded situations have seemed to have rocked this guy’s world. He’s a St. Louis native and playing for his favorite team. Sure, he got the loss against the Astros in the last series (the one where Miguel Tejada. . . yeah), but the guy’s a stud. Remember his name: Kyle McClellan.

The other Rook that’s on Troy’s Favorite Rookie List is Outfielder Brian Barton. In his second game, he led off against the Washington Nationals and hit a double. Following that, Rick Ankiel stepped up to the plate and hit a shot out of the ball park. Call me a homer and all, but he’s like the Steven Jackson of baseball. He’s a big fella and can run. When he hit that double, his hustle to second made me uber emotional to see that. I love the passion. To me, this Cards’ 1-2-3 punch of Barton-Ankiel-Pujols could be one of the more deadly Cards’ 1-2-3’s they’ve had since the early 80s!

The rotation has been nothing less than spectacular. Adam Wainwright has pitched solid so far, and so has Randy Lohse. Hell, Braden Looper and Brad Thompson have even been OK. Not to mention, Todd Wellemeyer hasn’t been as bad as expected. One thought to add, outside of the pitching area: Cezar Izturis has made fewer errors than I predicted. Good for him. He’s even stolen third a couple of times this year.


4 thoughts on “The Cards are on Fi-Yah!

  1. I am eager to see the new-look Cards when the Phils take them on later in the season. Right now, we’re slapping the Cubbies around. You may be aware from my prior posts I formed an “unholy alliance” last year with Cubs fans at a site called “In Rare Form,” trying to use fan voodoo to get both of us into the post-season. While I have to consider the Cubs my #2 team as a result, I will tentatively pencil in the Cards as favorite team #2A…but if they start tanking you better start posting about the Rams asap!

  2. Yeah, uh, I’m gonna, uh, if, uh, start NFL Draft talk very soon if, uh, “anything” (think of ‘anything’ being said in a stern tone) happens from now until Draft Day.

    I’m afraid that Lohse is pulling a big time Vince Carter here, performing like an animal during a contract season. He’s barely posting an ERA of 1 so far. Who knew this would happen? Not me; though, I can’t tell you I’m shocked.

  3. As I recall, Lohse made it known almost immediately upon arrival in Philly he was not pleased pitching in Citizens Bank Park and, in fact, gave the Phils the distinct impression before the end of the season he would be on his way. Ben, if what I read was true back then you should be more pissed at Kyle. I do believe he’ll “blow up” eventually, as it appears he has a “thing” about pitching certain places.

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