During the Cards/Rockies game yesterday night a kid that couldn’t have been older than 8-9 managed to grab Brad Hawpe’s home run. Cards fans around — and nearly the whole stadium later — started yelling for the little boy to throw the ball back onto the field. Succumbing to the pressure applied by fellow Cards fans, the boy [smiling, I might add] walked over to the railing and dropped the ball back onto the field.

What are we? Cubs fans?

Cubs fans throw balls back into the ball parks, not Cardinals fans. There’s a distinct rule at Busch Stadium that goes a little something like this, folks:

Foul Balls/Home Runs
Guests are welcome to keep any foul ball or home run ball hit into the stands. At no time should a foul ball or home run ball be thrown back on the field.

I felt a little sickened that they pressured the little boy to throw the ball back into the park, seeing how happy he was to have caught a home run. However, not even an inning or two later there was a nice gesture made by a Cards fan who happened to catch Rick Ankiel’s hammer. He walked over to the little boy and gave him the ball. What a big consolation!

If we’re going to be labeled the “Best Fans in Baseball,” then act like it.

After all, I still thought it was a kid’s game.


3 thoughts on “Tossing ‘Em Back

  1. Spot on post. Going to a ballgame when your a kid is beyond special, to catch a homerun by a major league ballplayer has to be an excitement overload at that age. To think that the experience can be ruined by a bunch of fans acting like intoxicated bleacher bums is distressing to me.

    Oh, and if that kid would have kept the Hawpe ball, he might have been lucky enough to get Hawpe to autograph it after the game…could be worth money! But he was very lucky he got the Ankiel ball from a genuine fan.

  2. Great story. I bet that little guy is a baseball fan for life now, and those who saw things develop as you describe probably are also, regardless of their age. I don’t know why the thing of throwing the ball back came from but, like the DH, it should go away forever.

  3. Yeah, Troy. Don’t start trying to steal us Cubs fans’ traditions, now. lol. Poor kid, though. I can’t remember a kid ever catching a homerun ball at Wrigley and having to throw it back — well, except for Henry Roengardner of course, but at least he got signed.

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