The Atlanta Braves will win the World Series. . .
Mark Teixeira will win the NL MVP. . .
And for now, I don’t have a whole lot to back up my argument with those two statements.

But y’know what? In this concise, but thoughtful post brought to you by yours truly will indeed include some musings on the 2008 MLB season and why it very well could be one for the Tomahawk Chop gang in Atlanta.

The talk of the NL East this year is buzzing around the Phillies and the Mets, obviously. With the Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins owning up to his division winning prediction in 2007, he’s delivering it again this year — and y’know what, the Phillies have garnered some more respect geared towards their club for the ’08 year. The Mets,  having signed Johan Santana, are back into the NL hype mecca because of the said signing.

What does this mean? Internet debates — and debates everywhere amok —  between Phillies fans, Mets fans and baseball fans alike. Who will win the NL East? The Phils or the Metropolitans?

But what about the Atlanta Braves? These cats won the division year after year, and stalked their ground right up until the 2006 season. Why aren’t they even in — at least — the mix of the discussion. How come there isn’t more senseless banter including the Braves instead of ONLY the Mets and Phillies? Is it because the Braves are THAT incompetent? I don’t think so. It’s just the Mets and Phillies, as of late, have earned the right to stand atop their rightful echelons, while the Braves have faded the past two years.

I’ll include more thoughts in my next post about this subject (when my thoughts are more coherent.)


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