A couple nights ago, Bruce Bowen and Chris Paul got into an altercation in which perennially relegated the league to suspend Bowen for tonight’s game against the Detroit Pistons.

While running the show (down the court for those of you who refuse to seek the silver lining of that ambiguous phrase), Chris Paul was tripped up and so was Bowen. Bowen allegedly kicked Paul not once, but twice, while raising his hands to play the “what did I do?!” card.

I will grant you this: Bruce Bowen should be suspended. But what about Chris Paul? I’m a huge fan of Chris Paul, but he took not one, but two shots at Bowen’s groin while he was on the grand, and the NBA would rather look away, as Paul is one of the NBA’s biggest young stars today.

C’mon David Stern, don’t be a dumbass. Yeah, Bowen plays dirty and uses questionable tactics, but what about Paul’s two groin-punch attempts? I guess it’s suddenly OK.


3 thoughts on “Is the NBA Officially Comprised of Idiots?

  1. The double standard that exists when superstars drive the lane apparently exists when fighting as well. I’ve never been a big Stern fan and always felt he got too much credit for the “better days” the NBA has seen in years past. Paul should have received a penalty as well.

  2. What can ya say…Chris Paul really likes hitting guys in the balls. I imagine you could go to his hometown and find at least 30 people who he punched in the nuts growing up. His grandpa probably taught him that at an early age…”Now Chris….you go punch that boy’s nutbag…you punch it good”.

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