Y’know how I think the Boston Celtics fans that hate Danny Ainge are complete idiots? That’s how people would probably think about me when it comes to the St. Louis Rams and how I absolutely hate Jay Zygmunt.

Zygmunt apparently promised Isaac Bruce the $4 million on Friday, and since Bruce was scheduled to make $5 million instead, the Rams could have extended Bruce’s contract an additional year and spread out part of the bonus to reduce the ’08 cap cost. Except Zygmunt apparently reneged on the $4 million he’d promised. Instead, the final Rams offer was $3 million (per PD reports as of Friday). Bruce apparently felt as if he’d been lied to. Can’t blame the guy.

Call me an egregious, ornery fan all you want, but I hope Bruce exacts revenge on the Rams in 2008. Not that I want the Niners to win either game (never, ever get the idea that I implied that frivolous statement), I just want to see Bruce unleash his revenge on a team he should be playing his 15th consecutive season with.

So to elaborate my reasons why, I present you:

1.) Jay Zygmunt needs to look in the mirror
What goes around comes around. It’s one of the famous phrases in the world today, but I don’t think Zygmunt is too familiar with it. Probably because he’s one of the unearthly guys out there. This man screwed Ike out of a restructed contract situation and wanted to offer him less money than what he had previously proposed before earlier in the day. If anything, Ike will be wanting this douchebag to watch him figuratively slap his former team on the face by displaying his route running art in awe.

2.) I’m an undauntedly biased Rams fan
Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes in the sports enthusiast/personality world. So why in the hell am I, an undoubtedly huge Rams fan, rooting for a wide receiver from its arch rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, to demolish his team’s secondary? It’s simply; and for one, I don’t want Bruce to “demolish” the Rams’ secondary. I just want him to teach the hellacious front office a lesson by showing them that he could still play football at the pay he deserved. And, again, it’s not rooting for the Niners or a Niners’ receiver. To me, Bruce will always be a Ram, and that day he will be a Ram that was betrayed by the f’n front office. (How many times do I have to say it?)

3.) Another sign that would show the Rams defense needs to improve
Y’know, if a 35-year-old receiver is able to get out of the coverage’s sights and catch passes for touchdowns at ease, there’s something wrong with that defense. And to elaborate, the Rams defense had enough problems in 2007 trying to stay off the field long enough. Sure, they had their loops anyway. But the offense was far too busy consistently getting stuck in 3-and-outs and injurying players at the fastest rate in the NFL.

4.) Rams fans were betrayed
Non-Rams fans who are ignorant about the game of football will question why Rams fans are devastated by the jettison of Ike Bruce, but it’s simply obvious. Sports fans get attached to athletes like the way many people get attached to their careers. Ike Bruce felt betrayed by the front office, and so did us Rams fans. We felt like we got the shaft worse than Bruce, actually. A key reason to the sole Rams’ Super Bowl victory was thrown off the team like he was just another wide out that didn’t mean anything to his team. And the fans, well, we felt like we were being released by the team as well.

5.) Feeling no remorse, feeling like my hand was forced
That’s a line from rapper Jay-Z’s classic Dirt Off Your Shoulder, and that’s probably going to be Bruce’s mentality against the Rams’ front office next year. If he has any other mentality when he comes to play against the Rams two times this year, I’d have to say I’d be disappointed. Only because Bruce has every right to torch the Rams’ D, and there’s no need for him to show remose afterwards. He’s getting his money that he deserved in San Francisco and he doesn’t have to worry about being lied to by their front office, unlike the one in St. Louis.

I was looking forward to both 49ers/Rams matchups in 2008 before Bruce was released/signed by San Fran, but now I’m not looking forward to it so much. However, BRUUUUUUUCE will still be chanted in the dome by true Rams fans no matter what team he’s on. And those same die hards will be envisioning Bruce in blue and gold instead of that red and gold excrement-esque jersey he’ll be wearing.


4 thoughts on “Five Reasons I want Isaac Bruce to torch the Rams in ’08

  1. Troy, as you know I totally feel for you losing Issac to the Left Coast. It sounds like something the Eagles’ front office would pull. I’m not really sure if the Rams have it all together right now…their franchise really seems to be in free-fall these days. Zygmunt sounds like a candy bar.

  2. Troy, I saw something as I was flashing back and forth between basketball games that Trent Green signed with the Rams. Please tell me I was watching ESPN Classic and they were running news from the time period their telecast was. Please. Please tell me the Rams did NOT sign Trent Green. Suddenly, I feel concussed.

  3. That’s what I first thought, until I started musing on topic. Ultimately I think this is a solid signing. Not great, but solid. Green’s injury history worries me, but hopefully he never has to take the field. His familiarity with the system should be beneficial as well.

    After watching Gus stumble and fumble around this past year, I think it’s a solid addition. He can step in and lead this team every bit as well as Bulger can, in my opinion. How many teams can say that about their backup QB?

    Nobody can expect any backup QB signing to be spectacular, because he’s a backup. You just want somebody to hold the clipboard and be able to come in and produce when the starter is out. I think the Rams are fortunate to get him back.

    Of course, it’s all or nothing for Scott Linehan, as he’s forced into a situation to make something work this year, and if not, well, he’ll be done as an HC in STL.

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