Isaac Bruce is my third favorite [hybrid] Los Angeles/St. Louis Ram of all time. I’ll always remember him for the game changing catches he brought down, the quiet leadership that he ensconced in his own game and the game-winning catch in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Today, the Rams released Ike. (As well as Gus Frerotte)

Not counting his rookie year, Bruce has only missed 23 games in his brilliant career in St. Louis. The ironic thing is that, in his career year in 1995 in which he had 119 catches for 1781 yards and 13 TDs, Jerry Rice decides to have his best year simultaneously. As far as his current value, Bruce has been cut once before and already restructured to help the team out, so hopefully the Rams should just pay him his money and show him the respect he deserves.

Cutting him over a couple million dollars would be ridiculous, because they would be in effect cutting a lot of fans, myself included.

Mike Martz could use Isaac Bruce in San Francisco, as they have lousy receivers now, and he would be a mentor for any young receivers they bring in. Plus, for Martz, that would be revenge to the Rams’ front office for mistreating his departure.

It happens all the time, from time to time. Great players — legends in their own time — moving onto a different team for one reason or another (team money). Look at Zach Thomas in Miami.

Seeing these players don a different uniform is as dreadful as it is painful. For their respective fans anyway. Deacon Jones, Eric Dickerson, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Jack Pardee, Junior Seau, Jerry Rice, Roman Gabriel, etc. It’s a rather sad list.

From a business standpoint: when production drops off, so should the pay. The Rams need a big time threat to go with Holt. So, for the right reasons, the Rams should make Bruce a Ricky Proehl type guy, and give him the incentives or bonuses on his production. It could work.

Hopefully the Rams find a way to bring back Bruce. If not, February 28, 2008, will remain a sad day for Rams fans everywhere. Especially if he ends up in red and gold in 2008 instead of blue and gold.


One thought on “Mr. Ram has left the Building

  1. I’m gonna miss Issac Bruce in a Ram uni. Gus Frerotte, not so much. I doubt he’ll be back…hey, maybe he’s like to play with Donovan McNabb? Hmmm….

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