If I’m part of the Houston Rockets right now, I’m thinking two things:

1.) Praying to God that ESPN never features a “Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Blame . . .” show with the topic being, “Rockets acquiring Tracy McGrady.”

2.) Why can’t we put a healthy product of both Yao AND T-Mac on the court at the same time?! WHY NOT!?

As for number one, Rockets fans and everyone else (above all, despite the fact that I’m a McGrady fan, just listen. . . er, read) have to be gleaming over the fact that the acquiring of Tracy McGrady hasn’t resulted in anything special. Fanfare? Yeah, but Yao brings that from China. Money? Yeah, but Yao brings loads of that thanks to those same dudes and dudettes from China. Y’know, in four and a half seasons with the Rockets, T-Mac hasn’t been able to stay fairly healthy. He had big problems in doing so in 2005, had a few problems in 2006 (and likewise in 2007), and don’t forget that they failed to get out of the first round in 2004-2005 against the Mavs (losing in seven games). And they also lost to the Jazz in 2006-2007. . . in seven games. McGrady has never been out of the first round of the playoffs, and as far now, at least until the 2008-2009 NBA season, the Rockets won’t be getting out of the first round either.

As for number two, the last sentence from the above paragraph fits a hardcore mold here. Both T-Mac and Yao have never been able to mesh completely with each other in terms of staying on the court together for an extended period of time. Every time they do, it seems like they have these invisible Time-I-Have-Left-To-Stay-Healthy bars over their head, and when they expend those bars, one of them gets injured. It’s kind of like when you go to the carnival and play one of those games where you have to shoot the water at the target for the bar to fill, and compete with other people to win a prize. It’s like Yao and T-Mac are competing (and/or taking turns) to see who can get injured first and who can be injured the longest of time.

In all seriousness, I hope they get back into a refined form for the 2008 NBA season, and assuage all injury concerns, because I truly do, as a fan, feel bad for them.


One thought on “Yowzah — Yaozah — You’s ah’ out for the Season

  1. The Rockets certainly seem to be jinxed and can’t get these two on the court together when it counts the most. The fans down in Houston as well as NBA fans all across the nation deserve to see these guys healthy and in the post-season.

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