Have I ever mentioned on here how much I hate the “what have you done for me lately” sports fans that will tout a player as great, and then stop touting greatness at them once they fall from grace? If not, let me lament. The examples of these WHYDL (What have you done lately) fans range from, and for as long as sports have lasted. The ol’ guys that rubbed the raging hard-on-hell outta Herschel Walker when he was traded to the Minnesota Vikings back in ’89, had one great game, and tanked the rest of the season. The ol’ NFL fans that loved Rams’ QB Marc Bulger in the ’07 off-season, and now they’re leaving him off of top 15 lists.

The Los Angeles Lakers are the first team in the 2007-2008 NBA season to reach 40 wins, and people are saying they’re the best team in the Western Conference and should be the favorites to win the NBA Finals.

Bartender, give me that Jack Daniels Old Number 7!

I’ll need the above because I nearly lose my inner-temper (that I never express aloud, only in my mind where I argue with myself daily) when I read such garbage all over the internet. I expect it from a team’s fans, a couple of guys that love to ride the bandwagon and from a few sportswriters that are new to the business.  But there’s a long list of non-Lakers fans that have been riding the grapefruits of Kobe Bryant and Co. Take Bill Plaschke for example. I’m a pretty big fan of Plaschke. I read nearly all of his columns. They’re usually all on point and involve several intricacies pertaining to his topic. The man USUALLY does his research. But, in his recent column supporting Kobe Bryant being the Most Valuable Player in the NBA, his argument was more “boy, I want an LA guy to win the MVP,” rather than “boy, I just want to prove some points to the guys that doubt Kobe.”

Look, I’m not doubting Kobe for MVP or anything pertinent to Kobe and the MVP award separately. It’s only the fact that people are vying to talk Laker Basketball, and they’re going the distance — even if it means acting like an idiot in the process. And Plaschke completely blew it in his latest column.

He even expressed his WHYD purposes by writing about how he wrote off the Lakers last summer and about how he thought Kobe was a punk. Now, he’s anointing Kobe Bryant, the man that’s possibly the most jeered basketball player over the last five years, as the Most Valuable Player of the National freakin’ Basketball Association.

Are ya freakin’ kiddin’ me?

Enough with the sugar coating, enough with the “granted, I was. . .” sentences. Enough with it. You were wrong, admit it. But don’t stoop to the level of someone else who would stand behind their opinion only to modify that same said opinion eight months later to just twist it and support the opposing argument! In my 2007 NFL prediction posts I made last Summer, I was wrong with nearly everything. But, I refused to jump to a level that I’ve never prospered to (or even wanted to). If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. There’s no sugar coating anything from me. I’m not saying that when you get something wrong, don’t say anything at all. That’s not my point. My point is, if you get something wrong with a player, coach or team, please do yourself and the whole sports world/blogosphere a favor and not hop the bandwagon. By doing that, you completely dub yourself the moniker, What-Have-You-Done-For-Me-Lately Fan!

Going back on topic, the good ol’ boys and girls that ranted about Kobe Bryant during the 2007 NBA off-season are now swinging from Kobe Bryant’s nut trees and swinging on the nuts of the nut vines that all belong to Kobe. People bashed the Lakers the whole off season, and now, all of a sudden, they’re the greatest team since the 2007 New Orleans Hornets (oh, look at that now, do you sense a familiar similarity?). Again, I’m going to revert back to my same argument from earlier — if you’re positively going to hop along the I’m a Believah, Babeh’ train of the Los Angeles Lakers, then do so by admitting your wrongs and then announcing your joining of the Laketrain.

Oh, and when June comes around, you can admit that you were wrong again once you see that the Spurs are still the reigning champions for a reason.

(Man oh man, after writing this, I truly set myself up for someone to roll around on TSTOS when the playoffs roll around, and if the Spurs screw up, it will be easy for anyone to come in and bash, bash, bash away at me, and then follow up with the inevitable, “now you admit you were wrong, Troy!” Excellence.)


3 thoughts on “What Have You Done For Me Lately?

  1. I’m not waiting until the playoffs — I’m going to heckle you for making a Spurs pick right now. Dude, I could score five points in a quarter. By the end of the season, these guys are going to be more interested in the senior special at Denny’s than working their butts off against the real contenders in the west (I’m not saying my Nuggets will be among them — I’m not that crazy).

    Have any of the Kobe hangers-on ever explained what in the hell his tattoo is supposed to be? Doesn’t it have to do with his wife? It looks like a dog wearing a crown.

  2. I would say that people are changing their tone about the Lakers because the circumstances around the team has been changing as well….
    Look at the offseason, it was a mess. Kobe wanted a trade then a few hours later he didnt then he did again. Combine that with a squad that had just not been very good and also felt the wrath from Kobe’s offseason criticism i.e. Kwame Brown and Andrew Bynum. At that point, who could have thought the Lakers would have the best record in the West after the break?
    But then Bynum picks up his game before his injury, the Lakers get another big man in Pau Gasol and Kobe keeps being what he has always been….one of the most lethal playmakers in the league.
    In all honesty, I didn’t see all of this coming together but on my midseason predictions I picked Kobe to win the MVP and the Lakers to reach the Finals.
    No one has ever questioned Kobe’s prowess on the court but many have wondered about his ability to lead. Right now he is showing with the right pieces, the Lakers will be a threat.
    I would love to see a Spurs vs. Lakers conference championship series….and I believe it will happen. It will be fun to watch.

  3. People want the Lakers to be relevant and, now that they are, everyone who hid in the shadows waiting to mash them when they traded Kobe and set themselves up for ten years of rebuilding the franchise now see Easter sunrise and an NBA championship on the horizon. However, the resurrection is not complete until they actually make a move deep into the playoffs, which only time will reveal. As for the Spurs, as I’ve stated before, you better bring the big wooden stake, the garlic and anything else to kill what won’t die as I’ll never count them out until they lose four games in a series. All this running and gunning in the regular season seems to fade into the background come the post-season, even in the West.

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