No, don’t be deceived by the title of this post. I’m not going to rank the top 10 teams of all time. But Paul Bessire from What If Sports did, and sent his article to be published on

Here’s the link.

The article depicted why fantasy nuts like Paul shouldn’t do top 10 teams lists for any sport for any occasional for those matters, or, well, any freakin’ matter at all. Just check the number one on that list. Just check it. Really. The ’99 Rams. . . better than the ’85 Bears or ’89 49ers?

(NOTE: And keep in mind the guy that is writing this blog post — and writing this aside paragraph in third person — is a hardcore Rams fan.)

I’ll tell you what was special about the ’99 Rams. It was Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Az-hir Hakim. They were the guys on the team that ran plays like routine clockwork. They produced the greatest offense ever enlivened on a field, consummated with a great story in Kurt Warner from grocery boy to NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

There’s a whole lot more to that story, but I’m not going to go on and on bambling like an idiot as I usually do when it comes to writing about the Rams. It’s just today’s not my day for that. Today’s the day I find myself disagreeing with someone who ranked the Rams as the number one Super Bowl team of all time. Clearly, I don’t have a problem whatsoever putting the ’85 Bears and ’89 Niners ahead of ’em. It doesn’t make me a fake fan (I’m far from it), it makes me a fairer one.

What I don’t get is, Paul needs to do his research on the ’99 Rams’ defense and quit having a love raging hard on with statistics (actually pay attention to film). He says in the article that the “defense was pretty good too. . .” without even elaborating his statement! Listen, Paul, the ’99 Rams’ D wasn’t “pretty good,” y’know, teams would score 40 on the Rams, and it would seem like the Rams would knot up 50 points to counter them. When an opposing team would go up by 3 on the Rams, they knew that lead wouldn’t last, because Warner and Faulk would rip the opposing defense a new hole on the next drive with ease. Looks can be deceiving; I guess the ’99 Rams can be too.

If it was every attempted to match the ’99 Rams and the ’85 Bears up, the match up would be decided early in the game. The Rams would either be eluding the Bears 46 defensive scheme and having Warner get rid of the ball quick, to possibly Faulk in the backfield, only for him to adhere to his own unique elusiveness to dash up the field in no time. Or, if the game went the ’85 Bears’ way, all you have to do is imagine the line getting busted and Warner getting busted in the mouth, kinda like what the Pats did to him in Super Bowl XXXVI, minus all the roughing the passer that was never called by the refs.

Before this list, the highest I had ever seen the ’99 Rams ranked on an all time top 10 Super Bowl list was number five. Seeing them ranked number one on somebody’s list gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, but I’m not about to crack under pressure and show more bias than anyone else.


3 thoughts on “Ranking the top 10 Super Bowl Teams Ever

  1. Funny Post! I would have to go with the ’85 Bears as the best Super Bowl Team of All-Time because of their dominant defense. Other than the Ravens they are the only team to really win a Super Bowl almost entirely on their defensive prowess. The poor Patriots didn’t stand a chance in that game. And Miami, the only team to beat the Bears in the regular season that year, would have gotten crushed too had they not gotten their tails whipped by the Patriots that year in the AFC Championship Game.

    I’m not sure where I’d stick the ’99 Rams, especially given they only won the Super Bowl against, what I thought, was a pedestrian Tennessee team, by inches. But they are the only highest scoring offense in the regular season to actualy win the Super Bowl. Frankly, I feel bad for Rams fans. The Rams should have won three Super Bowls in a row. Too bad the New Orleans Saints just seemed to have their number in the 1999 regular season, and of course they got upset by the Pats in the Super Bowl the following year.

  2. I struggle with these kind of lists because on one hand you don’t want to romanticize the older teams yet you don’t know quite how to “reward” recent teams because of the longer season, longer playoffs, better living through chemistry, etc. I can make a case why its harder – or easier – to win a Super Bowl now than back in the day. I can definitely agree with cdbaker those Bears were absolutely studs in ’85. They dominated a lot of teams they played that season, not just the Patriots in their Super Bowl win. While I can say the Rams-Titans Super Bowl was my favorite Super Bowl, I don’t think I’d have the Rams of that year in my Top 5…but they’d make the Top 10. I’d be looking at teams like the ’72 Dolphins, any of the Steelers’ squads and a couple of those 49er editions behind those nasty Bears.

  3. I’m always torn between the 85 Bears and 84 49ers.

    With the 84 49ers you have the closest team to go 19-0, their only loss came by 3 points and it wasn’t in the Super Bowl ( unlike the 07 Pats ).

    But the back to back shutouts en route to the most lopsided Super Bowl win at the time by the 85 Bears puts em over the top.

    If talking about ALL the teams before the Super Bowl era, even in the Rams circle, the 1950 team with a STILL record of 38.8 points a game led by the platoon of Brocklin and Waterfield would be a grand challenge.

    But back to just Super Bowl teams, my final list would have to look like this:

    1. 85 Bears
    2. 84 49ers
    3. 78 Steelers
    4. 99 Rams
    5. 72 Phins

    Yep,. I rate the 99 Rams ahead of 72 Miami, deal with it Phins fans.

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