(NOTE: My doc told me to stay home for the rest of the week and the weekend and return to all labor work on Monday. I’ve been sick since this past weekend, but the severity never reached its pinnacles until this morning at round 2-5 AM. I couldn’t even freakin’ move from my bed because my body was so damn sore from my sickness, so I just lied there sweating like a mofo until I just thought to myself, “the hell with it,” and got up and chugged a can of grape soda/pop. Though, I found out today at the Doc’s office that I was dehydrated and lost a dangerous 9 freakin’ pounds in two days.

Despite that crap, my mind is still working decently well, just a great headache that’s skewing my thoughts on sports, which subsides my working mind. Though, the show must go on!)

I’m excited for one game tonight, and that’s the Phoenix Suns/Los Angeles Lakers matchup. One of the biggest rivalries in the NBA clashes tonight with added fire, as Shaquille O’Neal makes his debut as a Sun. Nobody that I know of is dubbing this Shaq vs. Kobe, but the added magnitude to tonight’s game will speak volumes to many people. I got the Suns knocking off the Lakers only because I can envision a hyped up Suns team featuring a hyped up O’Neal to prove critics and doubters like me wrong. He will probably keep it up for a few weeks, and then regress back to his usual Shaq playing style as time continues to roll on.

I can see Shaq pulling down a rebound tonight and bombing a quarterback pass all the way down the court to Steve Nash only for Nash to toss up an alley-oop to Amare Stoudemire. I have a feeling that Shaq will find a way to appease the Desert’s crowd and the crowd watching at home.

Though, I won’t be watching the game until tomorrow. I’m going to be in bed early tonight and trying to alleviate this freakin’ sickness. Depending on how I feel, I’ll throw out my thoughts tomorrow about Shaq and Kidd’s nights.

There’s another game I was really wanting to see, and that’s Jason Kidd’s debut with the Mavericks against the Hornets. Unfortunately, it’s not on any of the channels I have (I don’t have League Pass). But, I’ll offer my thoughts about the game from the highlights when tomorrow comes around. Jason Kidd vs. Chris Paul — why in the hell isn’t this on national television?

Troy’s picks:
Phoenix and Dallas, the two teams with their new acquisitions should start off with a bang.


One thought on “Talkin’ Shaq and Kidd’s New Teams

  1. Grape soda during a near-death experience…and you wonder why you’re sick? At least you’re healthier than Shaq. Seriously, no matter what happens tonight or in the next couple of weeks, can you imagine him staying on the court in one piece through the next four months…everyone has to keep in mind the season is just getting started. As for Jason Kidd, I hear he got traded…ALL LAST WEEK. Good Lord, have you ever seen such a mess of a transaction?

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