I didn’t watch the NBA’s slam dunk contest last night; I watched it at 5AM this morning (courtesy of DirecTV DVR).

Flipping it on, I didn’t think the contest would be all that much. Really, if you discount Dwight Howard and Gerald Green from the mix, then it would have been a dull contest. I was vastly disappointed by Rudy Gay and Jamario Moon. Their dunks weren’t anything special — at all, I mean it — compared to Howard’s and Green’s throwdowns*.

What amused me the most out of Gerald Green was his ability to dunk a basketball and blow out a lit candle dug inside a cupcake at the same time. Just watching him perform that had to get Barkley’s stomach to rumble. What’s more astouding is that the cupcake didn’t even move as the rim was jammed on.

I loved Dwight Howard’s two dunks. His first was spectacular — not as spectacular as the second — as he proceeded to throw the ball off of the back of the backboard then flip around and throw it down the other way on the other end. His second dunk. . . man. . . it was awesome! Now, I first was deceived by the cape because I thought it was just a stupid ploy that he was going to finish off an average dunk. Fortunately, much to my dismay,  Howard took off from such a far-away distance that he THREW the ball — with so much authority confluenced with force — into the basket to give a new meaning to throw it down.

Now, a lot of people have forgotten the meaning of dunking a basketball. It’s not about which guy can grip the rim tighter than the other. People enjoy to imply the fact that he didn’t grab the rim and throw the ball through the hoop by putting it DOWN the hoop is the reason why it shouldn’t have counted as a dunk.

I couldn’t disagree more with the above.

I guess a lot of people have forgotten the concept of dunking a basketball. Oh, he dunked it. He slammed the ball through the basket and made sure it was going to stay down there. It couldn’t be more difficult. When I was a kid (probably 10-13), I use to go outside and try to throw the ball, while in the air at a reasonable distance, through the basket in my driveway. I could never do it. It’s a tough feat to clamp up. And Howard did it his first time, from a distance that was insurmountable.

1* And by throwdown, I mean it. Dwight Howard’s “throwing” the ball into the basket ranks among some of the best moments in NBA Slam Dunk Contest history.

Photos courtesy of NBA.com


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