Maybe the title is a little deceiving. Sure, he probably didn’t bring it back completely, but what he did last night brings the context of it into a 3/4th’s trip to fruition. And to tag along to the last post (Superman That Basket), here’s the video of Howard throwing it down.

Notice the crowd reaction (AND the player reaction) when they saw his Superman shirt, then eventually the Superman cape. Completely priceless. And it’s about time Kenny Smith takes over that one guy’s position that does the And1 dunk competitions with the loud and annoying voice.


2 thoughts on “Dwight Howard Brings Back the Dunk Contest

  1. I definitely loved the crowd reaction on Howard’s dunk. He did an awesome job of entertaining the fans and athletes as well as just exhibiting his ridiculous athletic ability. The TNT announcers are great too….

  2. The superman dunk (although it really wasn’t a dunk) was probably the height of showmanship.

    I think the vibe/cheers/shouts from the crowd even surpassed Vince Carter/Tracy McGrady’s combo for Vince’s famous between the leg dunk.

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