The NBA’s All-Star Weekend kicked off yesterday night, actually. With the Celebrity game being played (Terrell Owens won the freakin’ MVP award; who coulda guessed it?), followed by the Rooks/Sophs game.

Y’know, All-Star Weekend isn’t nearly as good as it use to be. The hype surrounding it anymore is like a balloon–it deflates rather quickly. The star presence is turning into what the NFL’s Pro Bowl is transitioning into. Either they don’t want to play, or they treat it like what it has become–a circus.

Younger generation fans are treating the weekend with high expectations and giving in all elation with their mood fitting highly on all the events, particularly the Slam Dunk competition featuring: Dwight Howard, Jamario Moon, Rudy Gay, and reigning champion Gerald Green.

These kids who hold those top notch expectations were never introduced to the days where Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb and Michael Jordan had people jumping out of their seats and yelling. ‘Nique’s off-the-glass hammer, Jordan’s Kiss The Rim Reverse, Clyde copying everything Jordan did. Great stuff. Today’s slam dunk competition can’t compare.

I do, however, still enjoy watching the 3-point shootout. Sure, I’m still annoyed by the fact that Dirk Nowitzki’s was unfairly handed the trophy in 2006, as he hit a “3-pointer” with his feet planted clearly over the line when he shot the ball. Though, that’s the past and it doesn’t resemble 2008.

Though, I’m not even going to be watching tonight. Not because I refuse to, but because of busy scheduling that doesn’t involve television time for me. . . really unfortunately. But I will be watching tomorrow night’s All-Star game.


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