As a die-hard St. Louis Rams fan, my opinion on this topic (check the title) would be narrowly teabagging anybody that came into a direct point blank range with what I have to say due to the prejudice that’s about to be comprised in this post by me. So please, excuse my biased ignorance when it comes to the Rams.

Super Bowl XXXIV’s finish was so breathtaking that I nearly had a heart attack during the closing minutes. Especially during the play where McNair was clearly sacked, undoubtedly, but remorsefully pulled away and run around like Donovan McNabb did against the Cowboys a couple of years ago (2004) on Monday Night Football, and completed a pass waaay down field. With 6 seconds left, a pass to a streaking/slanting Kevin Dyson to reach the end zone was upended by one-shot-wonder LB Mike Jones.

I don’t think the Giants/Patriots game was anything especially until the 4th quarter. The first 3 quarters of the game was a big grinder that seen a defensive battle where Brady couldn’t get rid of the ball effectively (due to heavy pass rush), and the Giants couldn’t execute consistently. Efficient football didn’t come into factor until the 4th quarter, when the multitude of the game reached its pinnacle.

The same can be said about Super Bowl XXXIV. It was one-sided for one part for one team, then the other way for the other team. The Rams busted open a 16-0 lead with three field goals and a slingshot strike TD to Torry ‘Big Game’ Holt before the Titans roared back to the tie the game. For most fans, the game — until the 4th quarter, just like the Giants/Pats showdown — was boring until the closing minutes.

Super Bowl XXXVI ripped my heart out. You’d have to hit me in the head with a frying pan about five times, throw me a few shots of straight southern whiskey and traumatize me before you could get me to say that was the best Super Bowl ever. The referees pissed me off in that game more than any sports game I’ve ever watched in my entire life (and that’s well documented on here).


2 thoughts on “Giants SB Win Greatest Ever?

  1. Now you could make a case that the Giants/Pats SB had the greatest 4th quarter in SB history; but, that Montana moment was absolutely amazing to me. Though, in my biased own Rams fan fashion, nothing could have been better played out than the insanely intense SB XXXIV.

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