Remember the first Cavs/Spurs matchup this year, when Manu Ginobili ran all the way down the court with the Spurs losing with time expiring, one timeout remaining, as he opted to take an incredibly rash jump shot to attempt to win the game for the Spurs, but the end result being a clanker off the back iron and an L in the loss column for San Antonio?

Well, if you don’t, let me remind you about it. I think Ginobili took that into account a couple of nights ago when the Spurs traveled to the “Q” in Cleveland to battle the 2007 NBA Finals victim Cleveland Cavaliers again.

The Spurs did not defeat the Cavaliers on February 13, 2008. Manu Ginobili did. Manu completely owned them.

In case I didn’t (I’m sure I didn’t) emphasize “owned” enough, here’s Manu’s statline:

41 min
15-20 FG
8-11 3FG
8-9 FT
5 Reb
8 Asst
3 Steals
1 Block
1 TO
2 PF
46 PTS

What’s even more impressive is that Ginobili scored five points in the first quarter, meaning that the final 41 points were scored in three quarters.


2 thoughts on “Manu Puts The “Man” in Manu

  1. “owned” is only the beginning…

    And, if you recall, that 1 turnover was a referree’s error. Replays showed Manu did not step out of bounds.

    It’s games like this that remind me why exactly Manu is my favorite player in basketball.

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