It’s time that I settle down, kick back in my squeaking computer chair and construct a blog including my thoughts on the Jason Kidd/Dallas Mavericks trade.

(NOTE: Before I begin, let me note something: I really need to stop typing these random bursts of, “this guy is one of my top [whatever] favorite players in the league.” If saying that BS every time I write a post about a player is boring and aggravating me, it must definitely be aggravating you that’s reading this. I apologize. With that said, let’s roll.)

I’ve enjoyed watching Kidd’s tenure in New Jersey play out. I was happy for him when he led the Nets to two consecutive NBA Finals appearances in 2002 and 2003 (albeit not winning a championship thanks to the Lakers 3-peat, and the Spurs Tim Duncan/”one for the admiral” role). He played some of the finest basketball ever orchestrated in the history of the game. He refined the point guard position and sparked debates about who’s better between him [Kidd] or Steve Nash.

But as of the last couple of years, more-so this year, the Nets have regressed in play and the team is heading into a downward spiral. Kidd is nearly headed to the Dallas Mavericks, and Kidd’s slate will be hauled to Big D, to vie for a chance to win the NBA championship.

Kidd has been there, done that, y’know? He’s experienced the high’s and low’s of his career, and probably has two or three years of dominant point-guard-poise left in him. He’s — in my opinion — the greatest rebounding point guard in the history of basketball. He plays defense the toughest way that these pussy contemporary NBA rules will allow him to do so.

The guy deserves a damn championship. Without question.

Just imagine if Kidd was playing for the Mavericks in 2006 when they jumped out to a 2-0 series lead over the Miami before blowing it all due to colossal collapses from the free throw line by Dirk Nowitzki, and a star-studded triumph led by Dwyane Wade. With Kidd guarding Wade, the humongous basket affair and trips to the line would have never happened; oh, and Nowitzki wouldn’t of had to worry about missing key free throws at the end of games, more than likely.

Things would have been different for Dallas. That’s for sure.

If this deal finally falls through (hey Devean George), this puts Dallas in a dexterous position in the Western Conference. I’d rank them number two. Behind the Spurs, of course.


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