As I’ve said before over-and-over again, the Miami Dolphins are like a second team to me in the NFL. I’ve followed them forever, and, before my father passed away in 2003, we had watched so many Phins games in the several years before that, since he was a lifelong Dolphins fan, I tagged along (a little bit).

Zach Thomas is one of my all time favorite football players. He ranks among my top 10 favorite players ever. Great guy. Great player. But, today, a source has been released which notes that Zach Thomas will be released by the Dolphins, which will happen later on this evening.

I have three Miami Dolphins jerseys in my bedroom closet (one that I desperately need to sell — a Daunte Culpepper jersey I bought in August 2006). Two of them (both) are home Zach Thomas jerseys. One of them belonged to my father; the other, I purchased myself back in 2005.

Thomas, who was said to be undersized during the Draft Mocks in 1996, has more tackles than any linebacker in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I guess for all analysts who anointed him as being undersized can take their undersized words and shove ’em.

Reality has ruled in here. His ongoing injury problems, and the fact that his salary in 2008 was going to affect the Dolphins next season in a way that Parcells wants to shuffle out, has culminated and emanated to a cut from the team, which may result in retirement.


One thought on “Dismal Day in Dol-Fan Land

  1. Zach Thomas was as scrappy and gutsy a player that franchise has ever had. Parcells will fill the decks with former cronies, they’ll finish 8-8 two years from now and three years from now he’ll be back in the studio. Even with all the parity in the NFL, that team really has hit rock bottom. Not sure what he was thinking, except for the money of course.

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