There use to be a point in time where New York Yankees fans could brag all they want and jeer anybody they want, because they had the right to do so (the long-time fans, anyway). Their team would win, win and win some more. I’m not going to list all of their World Series wins, but the most recent ones from the past 12 years stand out. 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000 World Series winners. 2001, 2003 World Series losers. In eight years, that’s seven appearances in the effin’ World Series. But, Yankees fans will tell you they haven’t done jack squat since then.

A lot of people on message boards say the Red Sox are the new Yankees of baseball. Their winning style is razzle dazzling the sport — similar to the Yankees’ dynasty run — and a lot of their fans are more arrogant than Tom Brady when he has that half-slanted smile that says, “I’m going to get laid tonight, but I’m going to kick your ass wile doing it.”

But, that’s nonsense to tout the Red Sox as the new Yankees because they simply have won two World Series in four years. That’s two World Series for them in 89 years. Hell, hats off to them; they can enjoy it. I had my moment of enjoyment after a 24-year tenure of no World Series with my St. Louis Cardinals in 2006. But, the term “new Yankees” can be comprised of a typo of trying to type New York Yankees correctly, but everyone knows that it signifies the team that’s going to have a lofty budget and is going to get the best players out on the field wearing their uniforms.

It’s a new tradition. And for now on I’m using it for every single damn sport. Maybe I can concoct another one, too, like in 10 years when TSTOS is still going on, I can roll out and say “Hemoritouchuabah is the new Roger Federer of tennis.” (I made up that name, obviously). THE Yankees fans may not want to admit it, but the winning tradition they were bringing up from the dead after a paltry 1980s run is over. The obvious response you will hear is, “Oh, we’ll be back.” Of course you will be back, to still show off the highest payroll in baseball and always sneak around and snatch the most ‘popular‘ players in the game, damn obviously! Not to mention the fact that the sun shines on a dog’s ass every now and then (in tribute to Glen “Big Baby” Davis and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays).

When I talk to Yankees fans, nowadays, they aren’t telling everyone how they’re going to win the 2008 World Series, or cussing like sailors about not getting Santana and touting George as the man that would have easily pulled the trigger (well, they’re doing a little of that), they’re rolling around in Red Sox haterade. They have been all off season. Could 2008 rejuvenate this damned rivalry and take it up another notch from the past two seasons?

If anything, it could. The Yankees are no longer kings of American League, let alone kings of the AL East. The Red Sox paved their way to the playoffs as the division champions last year, and the Yankees couldn’t do anything about it but rant and scathe Boston fans as time went on.  And by the end of October, well, Yanks fans had to approach the inevitable: watch the Red Sox win two World Series in four years. Yankees fans, the swagger has undoubtedly left you.


4 thoughts on “Yankees Fans, The Swagger Has Left You

  1. What are you on? Did you realize that, for the first time on your blog maybe–besides October, you have given props to the Red Sox. May be bad karma.

  2. That giant sucking sound out of New York is the Yankees’ balloon all out of hot air. I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs this season. The Red Sox are the new Yankees. And ya know what, after all those years of suffering in Boston, they should celebrate it. Not my cup of tea, mind you, but good for you Beantown!

  3. haters why you gotta be so mean to us why you gotta be so mean to us is it because the yankees are still winning maybe not the world series but having a 20 gms over 500 winning season every year, and the cards are well stuck in the basement why don’t you losers and your loser teams go talk to your owners and ask them why they don’t care enough about you to spend the money nesscary to win and sweetie check around all yankees are yelling 2008 world series champions new york yankees, get your eyes cleaned out homie. don’t hate the yankees cuz we are beautiful and talent and world champs of 2008 and the redsox will never be the yankees can’t afford too and certainly don’t have the looks to be the yankees and check 2006 they are a bunch of quitters too. God bless the stars in stripes!

  4. Heaven, holler at me when you learn how to use the comma button (it’s actually a great key), and the symmetrical “respect code” for sports fans. I could barely catch the gist of your comment due to your inability to write in a logical manner. I just noticed the couplings of “money spending is great” mini-rants, and that’s it. Nonetheless, thanks for the comment.

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