There’s a reason Las Vegas doesn’t have a professional sports team. It’s not because it would lose in a competition with California between the Navada/Cali battle that would possibly skyrocket. It’s obviously the gambling and all other attraction that’s involved in the city.

Before I go on a countless rant about Vegas, let me say this: I like Las Vegas. It’s cool. A lot of things to do there. Gather up your booze and hit the strip (and be sure to have money). Outside of sports and crazy people that just don’t know when to stop ripping their wallets open, it’s great.

But the problem is sports. I was reading a discussion on a message board earlier about whether Vegas should have a pro team or not. The majority of arguments were no, it should not. A main point being that even when UNLV was a power house in college basketball, even they had a problem keeping the wins in tact because of everything that was around them.

Vegas is known as Sin City — that’s always been its nickname. So, why, now are people complaining that too many people are slapping a tag on Sin City and giving it such a voluptuously ‘bad‘ name that it all of a sudden doesn’t deserve. The NBA traveled to Vegas a year ago for its annual All Star game. Obviously, it didn’t work out. As a guy at the forum I was just talking about mentioned, “the NBA went to Las Vegas and tested the city to see if it deserved a sports team, the answer was no.”

I can’t help but agree. Again, going with the pugnaciously-mentioned “too-much-attraction, players gambling too much” storyline. It would be interested seeing a team with the name, the “Las Vegas Dice Rollers,” made up of Stephon Marbury, Vince Carter (he’s a money man), Ron Artest, Darius Miles and Zach Randolph (two Knickerbockers on this team, baby).

That’s it. Just a recount for those who don’t enjoy reading a whole damn (albeit small) post on TSTOS. Here’s a listing.

Laaaaaaaaaadies and Gentlemaaaaaaaaan, introducing your LAAAAAS VEGAS DIIIIIICE ROLLLLLLLERS,
Introducing your starting point guard, Stephhhhon  Marrrrrrrbury!
Your shooting guard, Viiiiince Carrrrrter!
Your small forward, Ronnnnnnnn Artest!
Your power forward, Daaaaaaaarius Miiiiiles!
And your center, Zaaaaaaach Raaaaaaaaandolph!

And your head coach, Tim Donaghy!

Hubie Brown commentary: Man, that guy, Tim Donaghy, he sure does love to gamble, doesn’t he?


One thought on “Vegas is Pro Sport-less and will stay that way!

  1. Las Vegas is one of those outposts that will lobby their ass off for a pro sports team. Get it. Sell out the first year, and then die on the vine except for the tourists who decide to take in a game while on vacation. Hell, they didn’t support UNLV when they were running the table in college basketball each season. Admittedly, there are a lot more people living out there each year, but they also have a lot more things to do out there. We don’t need pro sports in Las Vegas. Let it serve as the betting capital of the US and leave it at that.

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