Dale Earnhardt, Jr. just won the 2008 Budweiser Shootout. I watched the majority of the race, admittedly, and also admittedly, I wanted — with all of my heart — for Tony Stewart to pass him on the final lap.

Call me unloyal, unfaithful or whatever you want. But when Dale Jr. agreed to sign with Hendrick Motorsports, I agreed then and there that I would stop being a fan of his.

Every Sunday, my father, uncle and I would gather around and watch NASCAR (yes, we would watch it over football. . . well, we’d flip back and forth). We agreed to this unwritten rule that if Dale Earnhardt — the greatest NASCAR driver of all time — ever switched to Ford, we wouldn’t care, we’d continue to be fans of his. Well, let’s dance into the future, a small, small time after The Man’s death. We made another agreement that if Dale Jr. — clearly an inferior driver compared to his great, late father — ever switched to Ford or to another team (like HENDRICK!), we’d stop being fans.

(SIDE NOTE: I just turned off the television because Dale Jr. began giving driver-love to Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. I’m about to get sick.)

Well, my uncle passed away in 2002, my father in 2003. Since then the fun of watching NASCAR has been stale and boring (another reason to not watch; add that to my last post on TSTOS). However, even if you could make an argument that the agreement is no longer valid, I refuse to root for Randy Moss, I mean Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in the sport of NASCAR.

I refuse to root for a guy that didn’t give a rat’s ass about driving for two or three years and all of a sudden wants to win because he’s on a new driving team (Jr. with DEI/Moss with Oakland). I just damn well refuse to do it. I have no sympathy for the blissful losing he’s all but prompted these past couple of years.

TSTOS History. Two consecutive NASCAR posts. Jeez.


5 thoughts on “Dale Jr. is the Randy Moss of NASCAR

  1. Troy, your post really has me thinking now. I posted last year about openly wondering if NASCAR really would be best served by Dale Jr. being on a “super team” of Hendrick drivers, or driving for DEI or some other organization that didn’t already have star power. Seems to me the sport would be better served if he was the top dog where ever he drove, especially since all you hear is how he is far and away a draw almost similar to Tiger Woods in golf (which by the way I don’t believe for a minute, people who like NASCAR are gonna watch it whether Jr. is in the race or not). Now that he’s latched on to Jeff and Jimmy’s coat-tails, how will we ever know how good a driver he really is? All this NASCAR reporting from the world of Troy may rev me into action with one of my own. I have strong feelings about the sport since Mrs. Sportsattitude likes to watch it throughout the summertime…but even see is starting to weaken now with the expanded schedule, the spoiled-brat drivers who act like children when their car is touched, the rules made up as they go along, etc. You’ve got me more convinced than ever NASCAR marketing just got harder trying to sell Jr. as a superstar. If he wins…well, he’s with Hendrick. If he doesn’t win, he wasn’t that darn good to begin with. His career, by making this move, will never rival his father’s – not that it ever would have anyway.

  2. I’m not sure if I ever said it before or not (well, to rival that thought, I’m sure I may have), but when Earnhardt passed away on that fateful Feb. 18 day in 2001, I adamantly followed Junior and supported the heck outta him. Hell, I even supported him in the Busch Series before he became a human highlight racing reel in the Winston Cup.

    I seen flashes of excellence on the track in him in 2001 and 2002 (and a little bit in 2003). He was marketed like crazy as time passed. I have a WHOLE LOT of Dale Earnhardt fanfare/merchandise in my household. To add to that last sentence, I have quite a bit of Dale Jr. stuff around from years and years ago, too (put away, of course). As NASCAR continued to tout him over and over again, I didn’t put much thought into the marketing plan until the last couple of years.

    I mean, the last few years, they were the times where people started to become overly critical of Junior. It makes me cringe to think of that horrid 2005 season where Junior had a terrible start to end with a terrible finish. During that season, there were so many fans jeering the hell outta him. I didn’t make much of it, and sought it out as just a bad season.

    But, in 2007, I realized the truth in Dale Earnhardt, Jr. I seen what everyone else had been seeing in him that it took me so long to realize. He was merely a fraud. An average driver that was looking for the benefit of the doubt. He was acting like a crybaby with the Teresa Earnhardt fiasco. And, when it showed that he didn’t try AT ALL in 2007, when Martin Truex Jr. managed to win more races (1) than Junior, as a “fan,” I took it as a slap in the face, but more-so a hit at the sport, but a shaft at the integrity of racing!

  3. “As NASCAR continued to tout him over and over again, I didn’t put much thought into the marketing plan until the last couple of years.”
    9 laps to go…..Jr. Jr. Jr. thats all Fox and Nascar wanna talk about…..Junior is a highly over rated driver IMO, but is the anchor of Nascar due to his name…it is ALL about marketing…driving is secondary

  4. Its what the networks lap up , time and time gain – and its the suckers who continue to watch – but theyve definately lost a fan in me – Jr has always been an overrated driver – and the networks punting his “skills” doesnt do it for me

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