Carolina fans, don’t whimper, but Duke beat your team 89-78 all on the hands of 13 3-pointers by their sharpshooters.

The Heels had an obvious excuse for their lack of offensive flow, mainly, an inability to get Hansbrough enough good touches down the stretch in the second half. They were, after all, missing their floor general. Yet the players who are allegedly their best defenders — Marcus Ginyard, Danny Green, and Hansbrough — were all the floor, all being shredded by Duke’s spread.

And that was it — the problem. They couldn’t contend with Duke’s electrifying shooters. [Greg] Paulus was 6-8 from 3-land, [Jon] Scheyer 2-4, and [Kyle] Singler 3-6 (among others, [DeMarcus] Nelson and [Nolan] Smith hit one 3-pointer a piece).

While concerns for Duke need to be taken care of in the rebounding department, which will obviously be a prevalent worry for Duke in the NCAA Tournament, Coach K (Mike Kryzewski) has gotten his players to buy into his coaching philosophy and the players are on a roll, having only lost one game this year in an overtime thriller.

For now, it’s rehashing and rehabilitating time for the Devils to sustain the gameplan from last night and purify it to debug any facets of erroneous play.


4 thoughts on “3’s the Key

  1. W-o-w.

    Carolina’s 1st (Lawson) and 2nd (Frasor) options at point guard were out of the game, and Ellington and Green both had horrible shooting nights.

    Yet with under a minute to play, Duke is only up 5 points. W-o-w.

    [slow clap]

  2. Well in any book.
    A win’s a win.
    Doesn’t matter who played.
    Not Duke’s fault Lawson and Frasor were out, and it’s not their fault that they didn’t have a good night.
    Duke just knows how to Key on that.
    So a win’s…a win.

  3. Yeah, I don’t really think Duke would have lost that game regardless of who showed up. Not saying they’d beat UNC 8 or 9 out of 10 meetings or anything like that, but Coach K huddled up with some other coaches this off-season and has adapted his gameplanning to the skill sets of the players he currently has, modifying his system to best suit who he has to execute his plays. It really looks like an more athletic, more uptempo team that will make some serious noise in March.

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