I’d be shocked — shocked, I tell you — if this doesn’t mark the Pats’ slide from the mountaintop. Consider:

— The aligning of the stars needed to go 18-0 makes the Super Bowl loss into a hangover guaranteed to last into next season
— Aging players on defense with no one to step up
— Belichick facing possible suspension for videotaping
— Nothing lasts forever, especially in the NFL

Am I wrong?

Super Bowl losers have come back the next year and have not done well. That and losing that first round draft pick because of Spygate may not bode too well for the Pats, at least in 2008. But I’m not ready to call them the 2k8 Bears just yet.


13 thoughts on “Is the Super Bowl Loss Transformative for the Pats?

  1. The Patriots will be back. They still have too many weapons. Yes, the defense is getting old, but they should be fine. Spygate won’t affect them at all. Nothing will happen, and nothing should happen. I hate the Pats, but spygate is pointless to discuss.

  2. OK, “Bill,” thanks for your no-effing-way reply in less than five minutes after I created this concise blog post. Come on, now, “Billy.”

  3. Dildoneous Granola, thanks for your thoughts. I thought it was a interesting point of discussion to bring this up on here. I heard some fans talking about it so I gathered up a group of three thoughts and popped them up on here. From what happened to my Rams in 2002, I’m interested in seeing what these Pats are able to do in 2008. I remember hearing my fellow Rams brethren talk about how the ’02 Rams would jump on top of the NFL again. Since 2002, the Rams have only appeared in the playoffs two times with one win (in nailbiting fashion at that). I’m just so gosh-damn interested in how the Patriots will react in September.

  4. Changed my name. That was too long. Good point about the Rams. We will see what happens next year. That was a hell of a game though.

  5. I think of it this way: the Pats were this [ ] close from being 19-0 this season and capping off the greatest football season ever. They have the balance and key components to come back and have another great season in 2008. Remember, they haven’t missed the playoffs since the 2002 season.

  6. Patriots will be back moody and ready for scalps next season. They aren’t going anywhere. That which does not kill them makes them stronger. They’ll make some tweaks, pull off an off-season move or two and go deep into the tournament again next season. More determined than ever to get another ring.

  7. I wasn’t even taking their division into account. I was thinking more along the lines of how damn resilient Belichick and Brady are. They seem to have a short memory when it comes to football and they erase it in no time when it’s necessary to. Few athletes seem to be able to do that.

  8. I was thinking of the same thing that you were, Troy, until I realized that New England had won three SBs this decade, then reality hit me like a brick. Unless they complete a monumental collapse, they will again reach a top seed in the AFC next year.

  9. Troy, you’re a fantastic writer and I consider you a big time expert on the NFL, but I have to heavily disagree with you on this one. I can’t imagine the Patriots being anything less than “awesome” next year. Are you still looking for that ’01 Rams/’07 Pats parity? LOL just kidding.

  10. Good lord, I was so fast to reply how strongly I felt the Patriots would surely be a force to be reckoned with next season I actually didn’t even consider their pathetic division. They’re basically in the playoffs before the season even starts.

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