Troy Sparks, Sr. [my late father] is smiling from Heaven right now, I’m sure. His 1972 Miami Dolphins will remain the only team to finish a season undefeated for now. Sorry, Patriots.

The New York Giants are world champions. Super Bowl XLII champions. Defeating the Patriots 17-14. All on an amazing Fran Tarkenton-esque play by Eli Manning with about 55-seconds left in the 4th quarter, which will undoubtedly will go down as one of the greatest plays ever executed.

My heart beating, virtually flying out of my chest, as I ran through my home like Jim Valvano did when the N.C. State Wolfpack won the 1982-1983 National Championship, yelling like a child, immature enough, but happily ever after, that the Patriots had received what they had inevitable deserved — a Super Bowl loss I had been waiting for.

I was part of the minority by picking the Giants to win Super Bowl XLII. Though my score prediction wasn’t correct, I underwent several belittling hits from people that read my blog. I received several different e-mails asking if I were on crack for picking the Giants. I was told that I must have been smoking some heavy reefer, because the Patriots’ destiny was to go undefeated and not look back, to defeat the Giants and hold their own in this game tonight. But not today, not this evening, not tonight. I have to say it again: the New York Giants are WORLD CHAMPIONS. I don’t care about destiny, I don’t care about any of that crap. They should have lost during the regular season. They taunted their opponents. They showed so much disrespect for worthy adversaries that it was going to catch up to them sooner or later. And it did. Finally. Finally, they get it. They’ve been brought back down to earth. Thank you Tom Coughlin, thank you Eli Manning, and thank you Plaxico Burress.

The Patriots win all three of their Super Bowls this decade by 3-points. They lose tonight. . . by 3.

Regardless of anything, this removes a little bit of Super Bowl XXXVI pain when I watched my Rams fall to the heavily underdog-jeered New England Patriots 20-17. Tonight, Patriots fans experienced a similar feeling, I’m sure, six years to the day they were feeling like they controlled the world.

Tonight, the New York Giants are the champs.


4 thoughts on “Destiny Unfulfilled

  1. Still can’t believe the Pats lost 20 some hours later. I just saw the Eli Manning “I’m going to Disney World” commercial and it gets even harder to fathom. The Giants were 0-2 and left for dead. That second game, their home opener against the Packers…I saw every play of it and I thought they might be the worst team in the NFC…which is not a compliment. Keep in mind I saw Green Bay open at home against the Eagles Week One in a hideous game the Packers had no business winning…then they came to the Meadowlands and wiped the field with the Giants. What a season – the Packers and Giants wound up playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl…the Giants knock off the Pats…quite the year in pro football. And now…hope springs worth for all teams even more going into 2009. If the Giants can do it, why can’t “we?”

  2. SA, I think it may be safe to say that judging too early in the season can come back to bite everyone in the ass. Of course, this is the cardinal rule every year, isn’t it? I thought so, anyway. But every year our judgments whim up to do something incredulous and sacreligious to the Gods of football past.

    Speaking of that Eli-Disney World commercial, the music from last year’s age-old commercial that featured Tony Dungy and Dominic Rhodes has now gone into the ground like a shovel in a garden.

  3. I grew up watching the Miami Dolphins. I was 11 years old in 1972 and I remember that season. I remember how crushed I was when Griese went down with the broken leg. I remember how amazing it was when they kept winning anyway, with Earl Morrall running the offense. I remember how the playoffs became sweet torture as we realized that if they could just win three more times… I remember the last few minutes of Super Bowl VII, after Garo’s kick was botched and the ‘Skins scored that touchdown, how the whole season came down to a nerve-wracking minute. And I remember how, when the game ended, me and all my buddies ran up and down the streets of Hialeah, banging pots and pans together in mad celebration with all the other crazy Cubans who were celebrating the victory of their adopted hometown, in a game they scarcely understood. It was wonderful. The memory of it transports me back to my boyhood. It was magic.

    The Patsies never did deserve to go undefeated, the cheaters. I’m so happy the Giants won. Thanks, New York. And don’t listen to the so-called “experts” who say the 2007 Pats were better than the ’72 ‘Fins. Oh yeah? I like what Hall-of-Fame Dolphins Center Jim Langer said about that: “My question is this– if the Pat’s of today had to play the ‘Fins from ’72, would Brady have to play by the same rules that Griese did, or would he get to wear a skirt?”

    1972 Miami Dolphins. Greatest Team Ever. Still Perfect. Still Undefeated. Still Unmatched. For at least one more year, but I hope they get to stay that way for the rest of my life.

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