Forget it. Greg Jennings, Anquan Boldin and Chris Chambers don’t form the mold of the most underrated wide out in the entire NFL anymore.

Not when the guy that is the most consistently successful on and off the field, injury or not and has made a name for himself that people refuse to pay attention to.

There’s a guy that plays for the St. Louis Rams, 81, is the only player in NFL history to rack up six consecutive 1300-yard seasons. He’s the fastest receiver in NFL history to reach 10,000 career receiving yards. This year he wasn’t even 80% (he had knee surgery during the 2007 off-season) and still managed to collect over 1100 receiving yards. By the way, he now has eight consecutive 1100 receiving yards. Whew.

Torry “Big Game” Holt.

I wrote an article (filled with several typing errors) back in August 2006 that I updated in February and March 2007 labeled, “Torry Holt: the best Wide Out in the NFL.” Now, that post is nearly overshadowed by Patriots’ receiver Randy Moss. Though, nobody that I’ve met has been able to debate me over that article. Nobody has even attempted the latest revised version of that topic to twist around my mind and get me thinking straight. I think it’s almost impossible. I’ve thrown in too many consistent facts into that post and would be able to add more ingredients now.

But that’s not what this post is about.

Torry Holt has nearly dropped from a lot of people’s top 5 receivers list. Many have popped him from their top 10. Heck, I know this one guy that has only watched one Rams football game over the last two years and he thrown Torry Holt out of his top 20 (NOTE: you can’t correct most cases of ignorance; you just have to work hard at informing their inconclusive minds).

Though, Torry doesn’t mind criticism. He works hard at what he does — he doesn’t have eight of nine seasons that he’s been in the league with 1100 yards for no reason does he? He released a DVD a couple years ago about his workout regimen and is still showing signs of consistency, even with the Rams offensive line being one of the worst, if not the worst in the league. With Marc Bulger getting injured by not being able to stand behind a imperfect line (can’t blame him), with Gus Frerotte having the accuracy of a monkey holding a gun, and with Brock Berlin — a guy that hasn’t played (before the Cincinnati game) football in two years since his time at Miami University, Torry Holt just picked apart a nice season for himself. And he wasn’t even close to 80%!

But you can’t hear it from the grapevine in the NFL. Most fans know who Torry Holt is, they just don’t pay attention. Gone are the days where fans watch over the league and pay attention to a player’s importance. Now it’s about primetime television at its best, with the best teams and the best teams’ players. Hey, I guess ya can’t blame ’em for that.

But many of those folks are what-have-you-done-for-me-lately fans.

When does it stop? Following 2006, Marc Bulger was touted as a top 5 QB — now people compare him to Eli Manning, a guy who barely completes over 50% of his passes and can hardly pass more touchdowns than passes to the guys in the opposite jerseys! Steven Jackson was revered as the second best runningback in the league — now a lot of people don’t even have him in their top 10 lists! Torry Holt — as I’ve explained — has been thrown under as well. But for what expense?

Holt wasn’t hurt like Bulger and Jackson. He was just undermining his knee injury and playing to his best ability. Under an awful head coach who cracked under pressure like an uber-NFL-head-coach-mutant-Karl-Malone figure. Holt slid for catches, and threw his body across the field for quick slants, or he would take quick hits on predictable plays Linehan would call that resulted in terrible screen plays (Linehan done that for two reasons — 1.) to protect Bulger, 2.) to play conservative aka lose games).

So who in the world is Torry Holt and how is this guy doing so good on a team that can’t keep its quarterbacks from getting their asses beat; a team that features a head coach that is more focused on the Five gum he’s chewing on the sidelines than actually coaching a game? It’s a mystery. Terrell Owens caused a distraction in San Francisco and Philadelphia when they began to faulter or show their demise. Randy Moss quit on the Oakland Raiders for two years and allegedly refuses to play football unless Tom Brady is throwing him one (NOTE: boy, he would be depicting an Ike Turner rage fest in the lockerroom, guess which St. Louis head coach would be Tina? Whoops, I think I gave it away).

Whether you like to watch Torry Holt play football or not, he’s the most consistent receiver in the NFL right now (besides Marvin Harrison and Donald Driver). He’s just like one of the good old boys from the 50s, 60s and 70s that played football with blood, sweat and tears. The parity is uneven compared to the rest of the players in the NFL. But to Torry Holt, it’s another Sunday’s game put in that can either be shown on the box score or can be watched during the game. And most of the time, it’s during the game.


One thought on “Who in the World is Torry Holt?

  1. Torry Holt is one of the top five receivers in the NFL. Period. I hope the Rams get healthy and happy for 2009 and issue some payback to all the clubs who took advantage of their injuries and disarray in 2008. And no doubt, Holt will still be catching everything thrown his way…quietly and professionally.

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