This is what I wrote during summer 2007 about the New York Giants when I was completing my 2007 NFL season previews and predictions:

3.) New York Giants
How do you start off a season 6-2 but barely enter the playoffs? Ask Tom Coughlin. The 2006 season started off as a dream for the Giants. They were winning, and they were doing it consistently. The problems? Eli Manning. Having to live up to so much (his brother Peyton), the pressure mounted Eli. He passed for 500 less yards than he did in 2005, scored the same amount of touchdowns (24), but passed to the adversaries 18 times. If you think he had it bad last season, this season will be like writing an essay on on curling being without too-young-to-retire-Tiki Barber, with unproven 3-year back Brandon Jacobs. Don’t let Jacobs’ stats fool you; his touchdowns came in the redzone. But can Eli Manning get the Giants’ offense there?
The Giants’ biggest forte: a gritty defensive line and tough wide receiving corps
The Giants’ biggest weakness: Eli Manning’s paltry play
Troy questions the Giants:
Is this Eli’s real breakout season where he will lead the Giants not only to the playoffs, but to a playoff win?

Eli Manning sure didn’t have a breakout year. He struggled to complete 50% of his passes, passed for less touchdowns (23) and more interceptions (20) than he did in 2005 and 2006 respectively, and has only came out of his shell these last two games.

Though, the Giants — carried by their gritty (?) defensive line and receiving corps (adhering to the comments made last summer) — are heading to Arizona to face the Pats. But, third place in the NFC East?! I dropped the ball on this one. Don’t even get me started on the NFC West.


2 thoughts on “Remind me to never pick the NFC East again!

  1. I picked them for 6-10 back in June…and then in Week Two I posted…

    As for those New York Giants up the Turnpike, after showing guts on offense but none on defense at Dallas, they came home to take on the Packers. As stated, most of the country has the Packers in the playoffs because they “stuffed” the Eagles. The only – repeat only – reason Green Bay beat Philadelphia is because the Eagles had no punt returners on their team last week. That being said, the Giants were in a similar role as the Eagles…a home opener after a tough road loss. Amazingly, the Giants defense was so bad Brett Favre did not have to make more than a couple of his usual throws sideways, while upside down, etc. Packer receivers were so open Favre probably will need to be treated for a broken jaw this week having stared in amazement all Sunday afternoon at how clear a path he had to throw each time he dropped back. Even with Eli Manning going out hurt and trying to rally the troops, the Giants offense sputtered badly, likely now realizing it doesn’t matter how many points they score…and once more America, please stop making the Packers D out to be Super Bowl worthy…then again, in the NFC maybe they are. Start shoveling because the Grim Reaper is in town right now and it’s over. New Yorkers start to sing…”start spread-ing the dirt…we’re dy-ing today…”

    While I think most of my June predictions were “gold,” don’t you dare take singular blame for thinking the Giants were toast. I admit I was clueless on them as well early on…but I did make some mid-season corrections when the winning started and a couple of people doubted what I was seeing in them…so they should “cowboy-up” and admit they were REALLY wrong because anyone could see mid-year the turnaround had begun, starting with the defense.

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