Virginia Tech.
– No legit QB.
– A coach that can’t seem to get his guys together and win a streak of Bowl games
– Inconsistent defense

I could go on and on about the Hokies. Especially how they just lost 24-21 to the Kansas Jayhawks, a team that no one had on their radar before the season started. Now they’ve landed on the football map. Whoa.

Tonight, the Hokies’ offense came out undaunted, as if they had practiced earlier in the week without expecting Kansas to rush Glennon in tonight’s Orange Bowl. They played as if they were going to be given a lot of time to read the suspect Jayhawk defense.

Perception bites, doesn’t it, Hokies?

But who can you really blame? The Hokies defense was mildly average. They tackled. Played well in zone coverage, but Todd Reesing [Kansas QB] looked like Matt Ryan out there (from the VT/BC game in Blacksburgh that seen Ryan lead the Eagles to a soaring late-game victory), running around like a chicken with its head cut off, escaping the non existent pressure that was brought by Virginia Tech, and made the Tech defense his, well, we’ll say, “female dog.”

Sean Glennon? Awful. Same with Tyrod Taylor. Glennon can pass a football, but he just doesn’t have the correct mechanics to make it. I wish I could say Tyrod knew how to pass a football, but he has a LOT to learn. Seeing him pass a football puts an image of a question mark in your head. Makes me wonder what Frank Beamer’s gameplan is, now in days.

Beamer looks like he doesn’t have control of the team anymore. He’s definitely built the Hokies into a national power, but has it showed in the bowl games? Let’s look at every bowl game the Hokies have played since ’96 (including tonight’s):

1996: L
1997: L
1998: W
1999: L* (NC)
2000: W
2001: L
2002: W
2003: L
2004: L
2005: W
2006: L
2007: L

Only 4 Bowl wins in 12 seasons. I’m seriously beginning to think that the team is inadequate at winning bowl games, or rather games they should win.


3 thoughts on “Hokie, Hokie, Hokie Ha!

  1. Beamer certainly isn’t Joe Paterno with a month to prepare to play someone, is he? On one hand, you commend him for getting VT to such heights in the world of college football…on the other, you need to be able to win a few of these bowl games to show that extra month of practice hasn’t gone to waste, either for the game at hand or the following season. It may be a part of his coaching style and prep mannerisms that are creating these lackluster results in the post-season. There were some plays run last night where I really don’t know what they were thinking. Of course, inconsistent quarterback play will always bite you in the butt no matter who the opposition is.

  2. Right. this article makes complete sense. I mean he is only the third most winning active coach at the moment. and look at the past few years… the hokie defense has been amazing. how many teams have won 10 or more games in the last 3-4 years?

    and guess what…


    virginia tech is known for academics more then sports…

    whoever wrote this article is an idiot, and the fact that it’s listed online is an embarassment.

  3. Oh yeah, 4 bowl wins in 12 seasons is amazing. Oh so amazing. Give me a break. I’m a diehard Virginia Tech fan, and I’m not vying to find a scapegoat, I’m just making objective observations. Not everybody should go around peeking out of their maroon and orange glasses all the time.

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