After weeks and weeks of hearing nothing about WVU, hearing all too much about Rich Rodriguez’s new job as the head ball coach at Michiga, and the fact that the Oklahoma Sooners were still having to downplay last year’s loss to Boise State, every state’s majority, except West Virginia, in the U.S., on the user poll, voted the Sooners to beat West Virginia. The Mountaineers had to avenge all of that and put someone in their place.

They sure as hell did. They made a run for it, too. Let me add a quick, dubious thought as I type along.

Bob Stoops has had the Sooners’ defense improving each and every single year. Especially their run defense. Their average YPG against was 91.9. Not shabby at all. But last night, the Mountaineers came in and ran for 349 yards on the ground, on their way to a 20-point victory over the two-years-in-a-row Fiesta Bowl chumps.

Despite the fact that I’m an adamant Virginia Tech fan, I really enjoyed watching Noel Devine showcase his talent last night. The commentators keyed in on a few personal moments of his life which forced him to climb through adversity, which was something valuable to mention. The kid rushed for 108 yards and two touchdowns. West Virginia didn’t even need first downs last night; they were too busy running up and down the field.

I like seeing these upsets happen. Especially when a team is overhyped. I hate when my favorite teams are overhyped, so I can sympathize with the fans of the teams that get overhyped by the lousy schmucks at ESPN.

Hats off to Bill Stewart and the coaching staff at West Virginia. They earned this victory, big time.


2 thoughts on “West-by-God-Virginia Laying the Smacketh Down on Oklahoma

  1. Great that Stewart got the full-time position at WVU. Man, the Mountaineers looked good. They played their guts out… I know White got hurt in the Pitt game but how the hell did they lose that last game to a Panther team that simply isn’t in their class? Still can’t figure it out. Maybe they were already thinking Rodriguez was gone to Michigan?

  2. I think I may have the gist of the reason why. I blame West Virginia’s two losses this season on one man — Rich Rodriguez. I can’t remember the exact number [for the upcoming] for the USF game. But in the Pittsburgh game, Steve Slaton/Noel Devine — combined — only had a grand total of around six or seven carries!

    If anything showed last night, it was that, used corrected, West Virginia has one of the most fearful rush attacks in the nation. I have thought that the whole season. Just they weren’t used properly in the USF and Pittsburgh games.

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