Written 12/31/07

Read the title of the blog post: “my sportswriter mentality is kicking in, again.” Why?

Because last night, during the Lakers/Celtics game (that could very well rekindle the rivalry), there were seven technicals. I’ll list.

SEVEN techs (reiterating for ya)
Kevin Garnett was bloodied by physical play in the first half!
Lamar Odom speared Ray Allen

Lamar Odom. . . what the hell? I don’t look forward to seeing Lamar Odom doing something like that. This guy is suppose to be a level headed guy. Not a basketball player, but a man that knows how to subside his composure and stay more cool than Tom Brady.

Didn’t happen last night. And I hope Odom is suspended one game for such a cheap play, attempting to take out a key member of the Boston Celtics.


Odom’s a man’s man — really. Or though, I thought it was. Off the court, he’s suffered losing a child, alcoholism, and hits to the head (explains the spear on Allen).

But on the court last night, he looked more frustrated than ever.

Heh. And Ray Allen said Bruce Bowen was a dirty player! Bullshit.

I’ve always liked Ray Allen’s skill. Appreciated what he brought to the court. Loved watching him play in Seattle. He scared me to death in the 2005 NBA Playoffs where he, along with the Supersonics, gave the Spurs all they could handle in a losing effort.

Thank God he’s in Celtics green now, huh?

Not so fast. There’s always been a side of Allen that I’ve despised. The “he’s a dirty player, so I’m not going to talk to him; I hate the whole team he plays in.” He constantly bashed Bruce Bowen and the whole Spurs.

He made a mark on NBA History — “I’m a big whiner” History.

That mark said, “I don’t appreciate 80s basketball. I like everything to be clean. I like my jersey shorts un-wrinkled without any notice of hardwood paradox from an NBA court.”

But I don’t condone what Lamar Odom did. That speaks levels. So why in the world isn’t Ray Allen crying about this? Because he’s on a team that has only lost three games. He didn’t have that luxury wearing Seattle green.

Can’t complain when you’re winning.


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