I’m f’n getting sick and tired of seeing so many damn “Boston Celtics” fans all over the internet. It’s completely demoralizing, as a fan, to see this kind of crap spewing on every sports board.

“Oh, I’ve been through the bad and the good. I’m just popping up now because I’ve been too embarrassed to post or say I’m a Celtics fan.”

EMBARRASSING? What kind of fan is that to be? I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing. Being embarrassed is when one of your favorite all-time franchises in sports all of a sudden is lusted for by a group of idiots who were Phoenix Suns fans the last three years.


I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing. It’s writing for a Celtics blog that use to get 1-2 comments a day that now gets 35-40 comments a day by a bunch of people that haven’t watched a Celtics game since the 2005 NBA Playoffs.


I wrote a Celtics blog from November 2006 all the way until October this year when I realized it was no avail to keep writing about them because all it would do would be attract bandwagoners. That’s not what I want.


One thought on “Will the real Celtics fans please stand up?

  1. I think the Celtics were so bad and their future so bleak-looking their actual long-time fans abandoned them. Then, with one NBA Draft night…back they came for forgiveness…along with a boatload of strangers climbing onboard the Boston bandwagon. They’re off to a great start and if they stay healthy they certainly will have a lot to say about who comes out of the East. If we had pro basketball in Philadelphia, I guess I would be more interested in their fortunes (snicker).

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