I know, I know — this is non sports related, but I thought I’d just throw out my thoughts.

If you haven’t watched the other Bourne movies, don’t look to the Ultimatum. Far too many references to the far too, and those who are new to the series should be checking out the other Bourne moves before looking into the Ultimatum. The plot follows the usual, “chase Bourne, can’t find him, probe the city for him,” type of stuff.

It begins with flashbacks from the Bourne Supremacy, following up with the afterthought from his [Jason Bourne’s] (Matt Damon) German girlfriend, Marie, being murdered by the FBI, in France.

All in all, the first half of the movie is extremely boring with awful one-dimensional flashbacks that are related so vividly to the first two movies that its unusual style can derail a viewer’s thought.

If you decide to rent or buy the movie, do yourself a favor and fast forward 40 minutes in. . . when it actually gets interesting.


One thought on “The Bourne Ultimatum: 200 words or less review

  1. I never saw Matt Damon as James Bond-like so I have managed to avoid this series of films completely. Your comments make me confident I have done the right thing!

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