I could have included the Boston Celtics in the title, too, but I just wanted to take on the subtle, delicate subjects that are the NFL and MLB.

New England Patriots: SB 36, 38 and 39 champions
Boston Red Sox: 2004 and 2007 World Series champions (Before 2004, they were 86 years and running without a championship.)

It’s all in the hands of ESPN’s boy wonder, Bill Simmons.

Here’s something for you, Bill: never, ever pick the Rams to be a surprise team in the history of your columnist career again. All that does is damn them further into Bill Simmons’ hell.

In 2006, Simmons picked the Rams to be the surprise team of the year. They popped off the champaign bottle to a 3-1 record, welcoming Seattle the upcoming week. Bill Simmons wrote a column, summing up and bragging about ‘his’ beloved sleeper pick known as the St. Louis Rams.

The next week, the Rams lost by a screwy field goal to Seattle (which would happen to be a nutty trend when the Rams visited the Seahawks in Qwest Field later in the year).

The Rams than proceeded to lose five of their next six games. They were actually 5-8 before they won three straight to end their season like they ended their 2004-2005 season — 8-8. Except this time, the playoffs couldn’t have been farther away.

Bill Simmons wrote a column in March (2007) about the St. Louis Cardinals, and how they deserved better. More credit to be better (from their World Series victory the previous year), y’know, and all that good stuff (not gonna sugarcoat it). Well, their manager (Tony La Russa) was tagged with a DUI, a travesty occurred (pitcher Josh Hancock lost his life), TLR pulled off some crap as the manager of the NL during the All Star game (we all know), and a beautiful comeback story was damned forever (Rick Ankiel).

I don’t even want to get further into baseball.

Everything that’s relevant to Bill Simmons (asides from the B.S. Report) doesn’t settle well with me. But, now that there’s a link to the Boston Celtics — are they doomed to possibly fail this year and now reach the NBA Finals or win the whole shabang? I’m dumbfounded.


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