Just scrapping up a list of 13 NFL players that were snubbed from the joke that is known as the Pro Bowl.

10 Non-Rams
Fred Taylor
David Garrard
Nnamdi Asomugha
Thomas Howard
Kirk Morrison
Mario Williams
Jon Beason
Chris Harris
Mason Crosby
Charles Woodson

Rams players snubbed
O.J. Atogwe
Will Witherspoon
Donnie Jones


3 thoughts on “13 Snubbed “REAL” Pro Bowlers

  1. Big on the Jags right now and totally agree Fred Taylor was jobbed. He’ll be there as an alternate unless he gets nicked in the post-season but he should have been in as a starter. I will say that David Garrard has shown me he can equally take care of the football while also not being afraid to make a throw when a guy isn’t exactly wide open…something we’d like to have in Philadelphia. That kind of balance and confidence. As I mentioned on my site, these Hall of Fame, Pro Bowl, Oscar nominations and awards are all popularity, who-knows-who, “just mail it in” kind of stuff. Real fans know who the real pro bowlers are.

  2. True, but how could the NFL fix it? Anybody on the earth is allowed to access NFL.com and vote every year for the media-loving guys. It’s sad that this is part of the gyrating joke of the Pro Bowl, along with players who don’t even appreciate the chance to go play and are afraid of getting hurt.

  3. I’m just excited that you mentioned Chris Harris among your snubs. You are referring to Panthers Strong Safety Chris Harris, right? Any ex-Chicago Bear is a friend of mine. Except Cade McNown, of course.

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