The 2006 World Series team is almost nowhere to be seen on the upcoming 2008 St. Louis Cardinals. Another thing that is nowhere to be seen is off season patrol; and what I mean by that is, the Cardinals front office is taking a step back and allowing Houston and Chicago [Cubs] to get better.

Losing Eckstein to the freakin’ Blue Jays was a travesty. Jim Edmonds was going to leave the Cardinals sooner or later by a trade, and as sad as it was, the Cards didn’t receive jack squat in return besides some prospects that could never turn out to be ‘real’ prospects. The kid named Colby Rasmus buried in the Cards clubhouse better be ready to be around a Major League diamond next season.

Not to mention that Scott Rolen and Tony La Russa are both acting like children. “You hit me first, so I hit you back” type of stuff has gotten old between the two. It looks like Rolen’s welcome has been long-strained, and he’s heading out the door as we speak.

– Aaron Miles will not be a Cardinal in 2008.
– Kip Wells will not be a Cardinal in 2008.
– So Taguchi will not be a Cardinal in 2008.
Cezar Izturis will be a Cardinal in 2008.

Nearly depleted like no other team in sports.


2 thoughts on “Just implode, baby!

  1. Troy, what the hell is goin’ on with the Cardinals away? Have they been inspired by the Rams’ play to see how bad they can be next season? I was absolutely floored Eckstein went to Toronto and Edmonds on to San Diego. I understand they wanted Edmonds to move to right and/or take on a reduced role next year and he still feels he is an everyday center fielder…so on he goes. He just opened a restaurant in the St. Louis area not that long ago from what I read and has deep, deep roots in the community, etc. As for Rolen, the Phils have been crying out for a third-sacker ever since he left and, since we have a nice, small cozy grass field for him to play on, maybe he could drag his back back to Philly for a year and see how it goes? The thought of Wes Helms taking the field next season for even one game here absolutely turns my stomach.

  2. Hey Troy, the Phils are now the proud owner of So Taguchi. Philly teams usually specialize in getting a guy who has peaked…he’s kinda old, ya know…ahhhh..well…we’re hoping he has at least one good year of pinch-hitting left in him.

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