I’m probably the only freakin’ person in the United States, let alone world (with respect to people from countries outside the U.S. following baseball), that hasn’t delved into the Mitchell Report that much yet. I haven’t even looked far into the listed players. I’ve only read two articles.

One by Howard Bryant
The other talking about how Albert Pujols was disgusted by the report as to how he was initially thrown into the conversation.

As it has reached media mainstreams everywhere, my mom — who despises sports — continues to call me and ask me why it’s all over television. Every time my response is simply, “because they gotta expose the frauds. These guys are linking to somethin’.”

This one guy I know, who is always writing something down on a piece of paper, wrote “Roger Clemens is a cheater and druggy” yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t help but laugh.

I haven’t even checked out forums that are talking about the Mitchell Report. I guess I don’t want to read something stupid that would coerce me to reply and blast them away in 20 paragraphs, which in the end would be a futile attempt.

I would imagine Yankees fans — or Roger Clemens fans in general — have found a way to defend the 7-time Cy Young award winner. Somehow, some way. Some of these sports fans on forums today are true improvisors of what they do.

I’d say some would make excellent lawyers. A lot of them are good at evading questions and changing the topic being unscatched.


3 thoughts on “We Talkin’ ‘Bout the Mitchell Report. . . the What?

  1. The real irony in all of this is when Mark McGwire went before Congress months ago and asked we all forget the past and just move forward…and everyone ripped him…that’s exactly what George Mitchell is now saying. My thoughts on all this are well-documented – let him juice all they want to improve their performance.

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