Short post. I just have to let some held-up breath out, uneasily.

Virginia Tech beat Boston College 30-16.

Xavier Adibi picked off Matt Ryan, and returned the interception for a touchdown with 11 seconds left, the same amount of time that was left when Ryan led the Eagles down the field to beat the Hokies earlier this season.

Sean Glennon passed for 3 touchdowns.

If it wasn’t for that last time the Hokies played BC, they would probably be in the national title game.

I’ll take this bittersweet redemption though.

Virginia Tech Hokies. Atlantic Coastal Conference champions.


2 thoughts on “Take that, Boston College

  1. Yes, the Hokies certainly did extract a bit of revenge. Yet, one wonders what could have been had they made a stop on that final drive by Matt Ryan…who won the Heisman that night but you see how long that lasted, huh? I think it has been a very successful season, especially in light of all the QB issues. No shame in getting whacked by LSU, but I wonder how they’d match up with the Tigers in a rematch? Certainly not a 48-7 loss, I would think.

  2. The offensive line has gotten better for the Hokies, and the duo they’ve ran with Tyrod and an improved Sean Glennon makes all for the better. The defense wouldn’t be giving up all those rushing yards to Hester, either.

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