The St. Louis Rams upended the 49ers today in what should have been a Rams’ blowout. Dominating statistically all the way through, the Rams’ offense imploded on different drives. The line played awful. Running plays were conspicuous. A whopping 90 percent of the Rams pass completions seemed to be out-routes to Torry Holt and Ike Bruce.

But, I’ll take the win. That’s all I can do for this season. The Rams won the game 13-9, and thankfully have captured their second consecutive victory this season. Finishing 8-8 doesn’t seem so far from the middle of the tunnel now, does it?

The Rams return to the Edward Jones Dome this weekend to welcome the Atlanta Falcons, and if Bobby Petrino tempts the Rams with his “ingenious” mind next Sunday, the Rams may be headed for their third straight win.

This post took five minutes to write. I’m either very lazy, or just too blown up to write.


4 thoughts on “Two in a row’s nice

  1. Troy, your Rams got me off to a very bad start in my Fantasy Football championship game this weekend. That defensive squad they’re putting out there right now is god-awful. Perhaps the offense could go both ways and play defense as well? I think I’d rather see Bruce and Holt and Jackson covering receivers and backs instead of those guys they had out there Thursday night vs. the Steelers. Nice job on Willie Parker, however.

  2. SA, the defensive backs aren’t actually THAT bad, as they contradicted what I just said last night. OJ Atogwe is a perennial pro bowler, Tye Hill is coming along and Fahkir Brown’s not all that bad (just streaky and confused). Jonathan Wade is a rookie and he’s already had a lot of playing time, unfortunately (not a fan of what’s been done so far). Ron Bartell’s decent, but he’s just not “THE guy.” Corey Chavous should just let it go; he’s a fool — bites on too many plays.

    By the way, at the end of the game when Bulger threw that INT that was returned for 6, Scott Linehan was on the sidelines LAUGHING. That’s what provoked Torry Holt to go off on this hack-of-a-head-coach.

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