Frank Caliendo’s my favorite comedian right now.

Sorry Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Ron White and Larry the Cable Guy. You guys still reign as my top blue collar heroes of all time, but nobody in this world can impersonate more people than Caliendo. How many people can Caliendo nail — in terms of sports enthusiasts, politicians, celebrities and singers — perfectly?

John Madden
George Bush
Bill Clinton
Robin Williams
Charles Barkley
Bill Walton
Jim Rome (from ESPN’s Jim Rome is Burning)
Jack Nicholson
Dr. Phil (Phil McGraw)

The guy has his own television show now, too. It will debut this Tuesday (November 20) on TBS at 11:00 PM ET. For it’s nutty and ingenious comedy that’s provided by Caliendo himself, I’m sure to tune in.


2 thoughts on “FrankTV?

  1. I really enjoy Frank’s stuff as it has evolved on Fox Sports’ NFL coverage, but I think I’m going to take a pass on the TBS TV show. Unfortunately, I think a lot of it has to do with being absolutely bombarded with ads for it during TBS’ first attempt at baseball playoff coverage. It’s not unusual for a network like TBS to run commercials promoting their own stuff 24/7, pounding you senseless into either caving in and watching weekly or vowing never to view what they’re pitching for a nano-second. I’m used to that assault on the senses because I watch a lot of Raymond, King of Queens and Seinfeld reruns on TBS from time to time. However, I have read more than one comment from media critics saying they are already sick of the show and it hasn’t even aired yet, just because of the “loop” TBS ran promos in, around and during that baseball coverage. The repetitive ads got to those folks who aren’t regular TBS viewers, and to others, it felt like they were exploiting the newly-acquired baseball audience since most sports fans only know him as a sports humorist/impressionist…and maybe are content with just seeing him in three-minute segments each week. Either way, I think the show has an unfortunate negative vibe around it to some (including me) before it even sees the light of day that didn’t have to occur. I do think the guy is great, but I guess ultimately I am afraid too much Frank might lessen the enjoyment I get seeing him in the format I have grown accustomed to seeing him in, whether that sounds short-sighted or not.

  2. I hear you, SA. The commercial got so old during the playoffs that I haven’t laughed at his John Madden impersonation in God knows when. The show was average at best last night. I would like to still have some hope for the whole series, but after watching the show, the whole premise seems a little pretentious. I hope for the better next Tuesday night.

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