I use to be a big fan of Antoine Walker back in the mid to late 90s. He was excellent. He was athletic, got after the ball, and of course — the shimmy was not outdated.

Now it’s 2007. Walker is fat. He’s overweight, obviously. I wouldn’t doubt it if Magic Johnson weighed less than him.

Many Celtics fans are wanting him BACK in Boston.

You see, I cannot fathom why they would want him back because for one, he proved to be a big problem with the Heat last year, shooting only 25% from downtown; his defense was more dismal than any one’s I’ve seen in a while.

For two, how would the Celtics use him? Just as an energy guy to come in and help out players run the offense? I don’t think so. As a veteran, to teach younger players and provide tips on how to perform and work at a high level? What does this ‘new’ Antoine Walker know about “working” at a high level? I disagree with that statement, too, because the Celtics picked up Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett for various reasons. A way to lure back Antoine Walker is not one of them.

I can see it now: the last time I checked the Celtics were #1 in the NBA in defense. I can see Walker screwing all that up while trying to hustle his fat self up the court to actually play some hard nosed D. It would be as, if not more, gruesome as having to watch Georgia Frontiere (owner of the St. Louis Rams) strip her clothes off.

So please, Celtics fans, let the crap go about Walker. Our beloved Celtics do not need him, and surely he would be more of a detriment than an attribute to the team.


4 thoughts on “Walker, back to the Celtics?

  1. Shimmy? LOL. Priceless.

    The fact that you called it the shimmy pretty much lets everyone know what kind of Celtics fan you have been for the last 10 years.lol


  2. You have the right to your opinion. My opinion says you haven’t seen him play on TV this year or live to judge if he is fat or not but to each his own.

    I’ll just keep laughing about the non existent shimmy you keep talking about.lol

  3. I have not seen Walker play recently, either live or on the tube, but if I never see him play again that would be ok by me. The Celtics are just fine without him.

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