— November 11, 2007 

After nine weeks of waiting for my favorite football team (St. Louis Rams) to win its first game, they do it today when everyone expected them not to — against the red hot New Orleans Saints, who had won four straight games (after starting 0-4) coming into the game today.

Despite what the scoreboard said (37-29), the Rams blew out the Saints and dominated in every single aspect possible. They played emotionally charged throughout and on offense they displayed sheer power and ability to move down the field and touch the sweet turf in the end zone.

Simply, today, for us Rams fans, is a beautiful day. It’s been almost a year since we have been able to watch our beloved Rams win a game (December 31, 2006 vs. the Vikings.)

Marc Bulger excelled, scanned the field, and was precise in not making key mistakes today. It all paid off in the end as he finished the game going 27 for 33, passing for 302 yards and two (2) touchdowns.

This is the way the Rams were supposed to play this year had big injuries not slapped them in the face.

Steven Jackson also had a solid day in providing a scare to the defense. His numbers may not give you the stellar opinion of him as much as how I’m emphasizing his game. However, his presence alone had defenses scared to death and looking out all over the place to where he was at all times.

Oh, and he [Jackson] also threw a touchdown pass to Randy McMichael.

The Rams are now set to travel to San Francisco and play their nemesis 49ers next Sunday. Revenge for the Rams looks to be key as they played San Francisco earlier this season, losing 17-16.

1-8 isn’t a sexy record by any means, but today that ‘1’ was a hard earned win nonetheless.

Now if only they could make a repetition of that in the win column for years to come.


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