No baseball.
No sun.
No shorts and a T-shirt.
No walking the dog in the clothes you woke up in.
No leaves.
No sports news.

The story on Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini truly strikes me.

November 9th’s feature story on SportsCenter about Mancini is weak. It’s bad for Mancini because it’s about a fight that ended in the death of a boxer. It’s sad for ESPN because they milked two segments totaling about 10 minutes out of it. That’s around 25% of the entire program time. It gets worse.

The second piece ends with Linda Cohn giving us a tease for today’s 6 PM broadcast. Tune in and you’ll know the medical details of Deuk-Koo Kim’s death four days after the fight.

Holy crap. This is a tired story. It’s also Disney passing off advertising as entertainment. Ever wonder why the Disney Channel has no toy commercials? (I did not research that. It’s just an observation.)

Well, the advertising wasn’t apparent during the Mancini segments. However, ESPN plans to air a 25th Anniversary Special about Mancini’s relentless punching killing the Korean guy.

Anniversary Specials coming up on ESPN? Darryl Stingley? Thomas Herrion dies after a preseason game? Chuck Hughes dying during a game? Famous brain-damaged and paralyzed athletes?

Maybe Imus is a jerk but his morning show was a lot better than this.


One thought on “November..

  1. ESPN continues its tortured decent into entertainment hell. It’s more like Access Hollywood or The Insider or one of those other tabloid sleazebag shows that serve only to create controversy where there is none, harp on the negative aspects of celebrities (not necessarily athletes) and only to promote sports and events that their Disney/ABC/ESPN mega-corporation sponsor.

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