I would imagine that Patriots fans are shaking their heads left-to-right at the moment if they have heard what legend head coach Don Shula has disclosed:

The Spy gate thing has diminished what they’ve accomplished,” Shula said in an interview with the NY Daily News. “You would hate to have that attached to your accomplishments. They’ve got it.”

“That tells you the seriousness or significance of what they found,” Shula said. “I guess you got the same thing as putting an asterisk by Barry Bonds’ home run record. “I guess it will be noted that the Patriots were fined and a No. 1 draft choice was taken away during that year of accomplishment. The sad thing is Tom Brady looks so good, it doesn’t look like he needs any help.”


I think it’s funny and idiotic at the same time. While I have so many ties to being a fan of, and grateful for, with a load of respect for Don Shula, I can’t fathom how the Patriots’ spy gate BS has correlated with the Barry Bonds steroid scandal. One’s about steroids, and the other is just about exploiting the NFL rulebook by studying in on how defenses use their signals.

As much as I dislike the Pats, I still hold a great amount of respect and would never sink to the level of saying an asterisk should go next to their team name and record if they go undefeated. If they go undefeated, it would simply be because they worked hard to do it and played hard all season. You still have to play “pass and catch” (or run) football when you’re on the field (pointing at the “spy gate” rigmarole) and you have to run, elude defenders, and go the length of the amount of field from where you started that offensive possession.

Now I’m just waiting for Patriots fans to be boisterous about this and play the “everyone hates us because we’re so good role” and then allude to the “the past and present Phins organization have no respect and they’re classless losers!” Oh, man, I’m ready.


5 thoughts on “Shula: Patriots*16-0

  1. It’s not going to matter what Shula says. The Patriots still have to survive a tough game against Pittsburgh, which they will probably win and a meaningless game against the Giants during Week 17. Why would they risk Brady in a game against one of the best pass rushes in the NFL? Going undefeated isn’t the goal, winning the championship is and Bill Belicheck knows this. That’s why I predict the Pats lose in Week 17.

  2. I don’t hate the Patriots because they win. I hate the Patriots because they come off as being innocent lambs, when they’re just as vindictive as every other team behind close doors. I hate them for being fake. That being said, I don’t see them going 17-0 either. No matter how good you are, its so easy to get caught in a trap game…or a bad weather game, or an injury, or something.

  3. Huh? The Patriots almost always say the right thing. The only dumb comments I have ever heard came from players not on the team anymore.
    Sorry but I don’t know where you are getting they are fake?
    In fact in Boston everyone I know thinks they are to politically correct. We wish they would for once stand up for themselves.

    I don’t know if they will go un-defeated or not but it is possible they will. It is also as possible that they will lose a game along the way.

  4. I can see where “John” (above) is going about the Superbowl being the goal, BUT I think Brady will be in for most of the Giants game. The LAST thing I think a team on a roll wants to, or should, do is take a game “off”. I see them going all out, not to join the Dolphins, but to simply win games.

    As for Shula and his bitter little comments….he is just that…bitter….the tape did not help the Pats and EVERYONE knows it. Shula is just jealous that he did not have the ability to put together a dynasty like Bill has. Bill, BY FAR, will go down as the GREATEST coach in NFL history.

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