Yesterday, it was disclosed to everyone in the sports/NFL world that Rams’ DE Leonard Little was to have toe surgery and he would miss the remainder of the season. I didn’t even flinch. The Rams practically lose more players to injuries every day than the amount of break-ups in relationships.

Even though it’s irrelevant to Little and the rest of the defensive line, this is what the Rams offensive line looks like for Sunday:

LT: Alex Baron
LG: Louie Anderson
C: Drew Carey
RG: A cardboard cutout of John Hannah
RT: Rosie O’Donnell

Shall I go into more detail? As for the defense, once they’re left alone on the field for 40-minutes after the offense sputters three-and-outs consistently all game long maybe Reggie Bush can look good for one week and topple 175 all purpose yards. Then all of the pro-Bush’s can suck on some lollipops around the internet message board forums wincing at the marvelous 5-game winning streak they have just put up (hypothetically speaking.) Drew Brees can, maybe, toss for 350+ yards and have Marquis Colston reel down 21 receptions, surpassing Terrell Owens’ 20-mark against the Bears, as a 49er, in 2000.

Wouldn’t that just be something for us Rams fans to whimper about for another week, demoralized; watching our team advance to 0-9, then winning seven straight games to finish the season at 7-9 while subsequently detaching the first round draft pick they seem to be in a battle with Miami and New York (Jets) to acquire.

Wouldn’t that be so bittersweet? Don’t get this all twisted, I don’t want the Rams to tank and finish 0-16, 1-15, 2-14, or anything like that. I’m just throwing some fodder out for the internet-sharks to rip apart. I want to watch my team win games. I’ve watched every single game this season in distaste of what’s constantly being unfolded right in front of my eyes on the television screen.

Before the season, I anticipated the blind fact that Marc Bulger would show everyone up, that my fan boy prediction that Torry Holt would be atop the receiving list, and that Steven Jackson would lead the league in rushing, thus leading the Rams to a 10-6/11-5 regular season record being crowned the champs of the NFC West.

But no, they aren’t the champs of anything right now. The champs of injuries, sure. But the champs of anything else would be an oxymoron. I know you shouldn’t make injuries as an excuse because it’s sometimes noticed a rash decision, but when you have this many in-actives and have third stringers playing on the offensive line having no clue what to do, then you’re in some deep dog poo.

You know, the core players on teams, they seem to never go down on the good to great teams. How does that happen? The Rams lose Marc Bulger and Steven Jackson for a lengthy amount of games, that’s bad enough. They lose Orlando Pace during their SECOND DRIVE of the first game of the season and it was set in stone that the year would go bad the rest of the way. But, the Rams went 8-8 last season with Pace only having played six games maximum. That was, or should be, credited to Richie Incognito’s helpfulness (mind you the negative fifty yards he’d give up a game due to penalties.) This season, Incognito missed a few games at the first half, plays two straight, then turds come flying and he’s out for the season.

So, being a Rams fan isn’t about being bitter, angry, ticked off, anything you can describe to be cynical, at the world. There’s actually no way to describe it. The team looks like the early 1990s Rams teams that were horrid and then some. There were fans who jumped on the Rams ‘wagon over the off-season that slobbered over the offense. They’re gone. Gone for now. I still cheer. I’m still on that losing ‘wagon, and so are the rest of the die hards.

For this post, I leave you with this, sports fans: you can complain, blather, and moan all you want to, to get the things you want in your life if you’re a spoiled brat. But for sports, or this instance.. football, you can’t do anything about it but observe and be objective on sports teams as a whole, and coaches.

 Enjoy watching the game of football regardless of how bad your team(s) is/are (for me, the Rams and the Dolphins are a combined 0-16), lay off the keys on the keyboard and rest your temper; taking a dip into the context of Tony Dungy’s book, “Quiet Strength,” what does venting solve most of the time? Most of the time, nothing. Us sports fans do it, but for more reason we do it to explain our thoughts and observe the sports world. Patience is the key to everything in life. So what, it’s a bad season, better seasons are to come. There’s something outside of the sports world (the REAL world) and if some football fans are too busy and too immense on their favorite teams to give a crap about life and cannot enjoy the many joyful facets of the beautiful game of football, how can you ultimately be watching sports and be happy with yourself?

There’s a quote, and it’s used unanimously. It goes like this: live each day like it’s your last. To write a rendition — watch every sports game (and for this matter, football game) like it’s your last. There’s more to life than sports, but those few precious tenures on Sunday, Sunday night, and Monday night, takes you away for what seems to be a utopia for being able to watch the best players at the top of their level perform like no one on any other echelon of that sport. Win or lose, football, as other sports, is fascinating and there’s always an outcome. Games don’t last forever. But those four hours are golden.


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