Because I’m the last sports fan and blogger in America to be posting his thoughts/predictions on the web over the highly overrated game featuring the Colts and the Patriots, I want you to know one thing: I can’t wait for this damn game to be over with so that in two weeks (three weeks at the maximum; maybe four) people will shut the hell up over talking about it and let it be what it is — a football game that has no detrimental boundaries on the playoffs (except the number one and two seeds.)

Anyway, since I’m usually so bad at predicting games, I’m going to go so nastily lopsided that you will call me dumb over this impending pick. And rightfully so.

Patriots: 45
Colts: 20

I’m a believer in New England playing well, but I’m also a believer in the fact that they haven’t played a team with a worthy pass defense all year. Washington’s Pass D was clearly overrated in the ranks if you had watched the game and noticed how they played trying to defend the pass. They were dominated. Not to discredit the Patriots’ WR core, but I would love to see them go up against someone that can get ornery and play some FOOTBALL.

That team’s the Indianapolis Colts. Merely a team that everyone thought they had imploded over the off-season with losses like Dominic Rhodes, Nick Harper, Jason David, Cato June, Mike Doss, and those ‘others.’ ([Brandon] Stokely, [Corey] Simon, [Anthony] McFarland.)

There was so much speculation that the AFC, easily, belonged to New England that no other team mattered. A lot of people still think that (a few on here, too) without acknowledging the wear and tear of a football season. Sixteen games, not just eight. The fatigue and bruises that are appended by playing the game week-by-week. It’s hard work. All it takes is one broken bone for Tom Brady to turn into something much more than just a broken bone.

With that said, with the Colts on a hot streak and the Pats on a hotter streak, I’m going with a dynamic 45-20 New England Patriots victory. If I’m right (or in the marginal ‘almost predicted the score’ column), blast me. If I’m wrong, thank God (I will), because soon the hype surrounding the perfect 1972 Miami Dolphins being quantified by the inferior New England Patriots will get out of hand. Pats fans will go sex nuts over it, casual fans will continue to hop the bandwagon — hell, every convenient fairweather fan has already done it — and I will continue to turn my head away. Being the most overhyped game I’ve heard of in a while, it holds more weight and less balance than your mother’s house’s porch.


One thought on “Troy picks the Pats or da’ Colts

  1. Perfect Sportsattitude football moment today during this game…Patriots returning a kick and I hate them so damn much I am yelling “tackle him, tackle him…no…wait!!! They’re my special teams this week…run, run you bastard!” My wife and I, like most Americans, are guilty of caring about the fantasy results more than the game itself…we feel ashamed. What has become of us?

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