I was sitting at a local PC cafe earlier studying over the way people were writing. One of my long-time friends — who is usually successful at writing — had made one of the more bigger mistakes in writing.

Cluttering words.

Word fillers, and all that. You what I mean. Those times where you’re bitten in the ass in the instance where you start writing like this: “and momma always told me to keep my shoelaces extremely, knotted and hard-tightened to the core.” (created [by yours truly] Forrest Gump reference, thanks) The reader gets more confused by those bits and peices than anything else.

But we all are a victim of that kind of writing anymore. Over-writing. And please, don’t say you never do it!

I proceeded to study more of my friend’s work. I noticed that she had used so many unnecessary words that made my own writing look like more cow manure than it has ever looked before.

No one likes to read too long of paragraphs. Too cluttered for ’em and too tightly-knitted. Can’t say I blame ’em.

So the burning question is, what can we as writers or ‘bloggers’ do to simplify our writing so that the cybering readers across the globe can process this and not have to read over our craft 500 times before they realize that it’s not their fault for being bewildered by the work?


One thought on “Simplify!

  1. I’d like to think I am pretty solid and straight-forward in my writing…but I had a boss once who was even more concise than myself. I learned from him to eliminate extra words such as “that” when not needed. No matter how quickly I need to write thoughts, e-mails, etc. I always take at least a second or two to “back up” and re-read what I have…removing words that are, as you say, unnecessary.

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