I bet you thought I was going to be the equivalent of Bill Simmons, similar to the way he wouldn’t write about the Super Bowl after his Patriots were knocked off by the Colts in the AFC championship game. I bet you guys thought I was going to be bitter like that about the World Series and totally ignore the fact that the Sox are going to lay one down on the Indians.

What kinda guy would I be if I did that, really?

After what? 14-15 days off for Colorado’s Jeff Francis, he comes onto the mound in Fenway Park and pitched worse than Bronson Arroyo from Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS between the Yanks and the Sox. Red Sox hitters banged the ball all over the ballpark like it was a routine.

I would like to say I was impressed, but why should I be? The Red Sox are accustomed to doing this. In other words, they’re elite. They led the MLB in wins this season. They won the AL East for the first time in forever (1995.) Oh, and they also have the best October player the league has seen in a “while.” Some kid; he goes by the name of “Josh Beckett,” I think. Yeah, dude is pretty good, I mean, yeah.

Rest or rust, the Rockies are inferior. The Red Sox are the better team. I made a prediction for the ‘Series a day or two ago, and didn’t post it on here — my prediction was the ‘Sox in five (5) games. But who knows? If they continue playing the way they have been (compared to game one, and the last three games prior they’ve played in), is it realistic for me to call this baby girl a sweep?

The high altitudes of the Rocky Mountains of Denver, Colorado, are no match for the Sox. I guess people have tried to discredit the fact of how cold the New England states can get. “Playing in the West gives an advantage to Colorado,” but how so? Because Coors is such a small field to bop a ball out of the park? What if them Boston pitchers toss them baseballs to Varitek right throw the bat-grasp of Rockies hitters that leave them clueless and how to get leverage. No good wood on the ball. Zilch.

I would watch game two, but frankly I’d just rather watch my Virginia Tech Hokies steal one from them Boston College Eagles.

Guaranteed: VT blows out BC.


3 thoughts on “Winning is too easy.. for the Red Sox!

  1. Virginia Tech dominated for 57 minutes.

    One of the best defenses in the nation play soft and show weariness in two straight drives that allowed Matt Ryan to run around like a chicken with its head cut off looking like Donovan McNabb against the Cowboys a few years ago on Monday Night Football. Game should have ended 10-0; or 10-7 at least.

    I’m truly heartbroken and sick. Plain SICK.

    This IS the year for Boston sports.

  2. Yes, this IS the year for Boston sports. VT’s D was gassed, but so was BC’s O from trying to get to the end zone. If that knucklehead fields the onside kick cleanly, it’s game over, good night, drive safely. You should be SICK, Troy…but don’t be a hater on the Hokies’ D. Give ’em credit for playing their hearts out and focus on the fact an onside kick did them in. That D will win you a few more before the year is out.

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