Over the past years, I’ve bashed the Indianapolis Colts countless times and made my hate for them and Peyton Manning obtrusive. But after the on-going love fest that the media has [recently] had with New England, and the fact that people are putting the Patriots in a league of their own, I’ve had a striking change of heart.

Back in the postseason in January, when the Colts were getting ready to do battle against the Kansas City Chiefs, one hundred percent (100%) of my friends talked trash to me all week, continuously telling me how bad the Colts Run D was and would incessantly go on to frequently mention to me: “The Colts Run D is worse than the Rams, what could help them out?” All of that hype on television by experts for Kansas City’s Larry Johnson, and the extended hype for the fact that everyone was rolling around on the Colts saying they were inferior to the Chiefs.

I laughed at all my friends who were making those comments telling me that I was stupid, and I placed bets with some of them! Why? Because that last sentence just knotted it up, baby. The Chiefs didn’t even belong in the playoffs. And then you had a Colts team that was mentioned each year to be Super Bowl contenders of the past four or five seasons. Please, there was no way the truly-inferior and lesser-being Chiefs could have beaten the Colts.

The next week, the Colts played the oh-so-no-O Baltimore Ravens. Again, I placed bets with some friends and endured more trash talk. There’s no trash talkin’ me, ya hear? Anyway, the trash talk at the time was about how poorly Peyton was playing and that the defense still couldn’t hold up enough, even if it was against a team with a worse offense than the Chiefs. Wrong, the only kicker who I pretentiously cry more about than Josh Brown, Adam Vinatieri, dominated; he hit, what? Five field goals?

The next week, when the Colts welcomed the Patriots to the RCA Dome. I made bets both ways, but as it turned out, I had placed two more bets with two different setups for the Colts than what I did for the Patriots. Short story, you want? We all know that story. Colts won; advance to Super Bowl, yaddee-yaddee-yah, I miraculously connect a dot in predicting the score exactly right (check out my prediction I made here) and that’s that.

Throughout the off-season, I bashed the Colts and wrote about how bad they would be. How different they would be. I simply returned to my state of forming hate for the Colts. And it worked. I talked good about the Patriots, and said over the off-season that their receiving core was better than the Rams’ Wide Out group (and unfortunately, I was right.)

I didn’t figure this hype encompassing the Patriots would be this bad about them going undefeated. I can’t see it happening.

7-0 Patriots. 6-0 Colts. They meet November 4th. And despite it being overhyped, I’m actually going to tune in unlike the last regular season meeting they had (which was last season) in which I didn’t even take part in by watching. This time, I’m not going to be reluctant to cheer for Indianapolis. In a way, I’m glad to see Indy do well because it’s well earned by them.

They’re undefeated, just like Patriots.

But they’re the reigning Super Bowl champs, unlike the Patriots.

Still yet, the papers and many fans regard the Patriots as the clear-cut and unvarnished favorites. And for what reason? Because they have scored points, made noise, and that Tom Brady guy is on his way to being more hyped up than Halo 3 to surpass Peyton Manning’s 49-TDs-in-a-season-record.


5 thoughts on “Going Off The Deep End

  1. The knock on the Patriots has always been (recently) that Tom Brady didn’t have any receivers. This year he has plenty.
    The Patriots have also won every game so far by at least 20. THAT is why they are getting the credit.

    Win or lose against the Colts in 2 weeks the deciding factor of a superbowl Januray will have nothing or very little to do with two un-deafeated teams in November.

    It should also be pointed out that while the world has always said Manning is the better player between him and Brady this year Brady has the talent around him to get the Manning numbers when it comes to the offense.

  2. I agree with FDA the monsterous media push being made to get the Patriots ’07 version into the Hall of Fame already is due to the weekly crushing of everyone in their path. They are not just beating teams, they look like they are toying with them. The Colts are certainly looking forward to the challenge of playing them…quite likely twice this year.

  3. I’m especially looking forward to that game because the Colts have (so far) shown that they can defend the pass. And as I just checked, they’re #1 in the league in pass D. And as I stated in my last post, the Pats have played teams that have their own coverage problems.

    Either of you guys think it’s going to be a tight scoring 13-13 score type of game??

  4. Should be a pretty good game. I’m looking forward to it as well. Very interested to see what happens when the Pats play somebody who doesn’t have a horrible defense (some of those wins…aka every game against somebody else in the East are guaranteed score-fests)

  5. I think the Pats-Colts game will be wide-open, full-throttle like their playoff last year. Defenses will be befuddled by what the opposition throws at them – counting on some new wrinkles by each offense to keep the D’s just a tad off their games. Like, 42-35…favor of the home team…or whomever has the ball last!

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