I sat back this past week, downed two glasses of liquor, and emitted to myself: “Gee, I’m glad the Patriots aren’t on the Rams’ schedule this year, or the Rams would be in some deep shit.” Now thinking in a fully-controlled state of mind, I’m damn right on that one and that’s as sure as it gets. The thought of watching Randy Moss consistently score multiple touchdowns in various games throughout this season makes me cringe.

What else makes me cringe? The fact that the 2007 Patriots could go down as the greatest football team of all-time. The three teams in the league that I favor over others are a combined 1-17. The Rams, Dolphins, and Falcons. Stack those teams together and the 6-0 Pats would be five games up on ‘em. The Patriots are just that damn good.There’s another another undefeated team, too. They’re one of the Patriots’ top nemesis’s. Oh, and they’re also the reigning world champs. Them ol’ Indianapolis Colts. 6-0 may outweigh 5-0, but no matter how easy it is to say the Patriots are the best team in the league you can’t turn your head and ignore Indianapolis’s dominant appearance so far this season. Many have. Probably because of the way they’re winning — not as dominate as the way New England has.

But even then, are the Pats overachieving? Let’s look at where these cats they’ve played rank in pass defense:

Buffalo Bills (31st)
Cleveland Browns (29th)
Cincinnati Bengals (28th)
New York Jets (27th)
San Diego Chargers (25th)
Dallas Cowboys (24th)

These guys can’t defend the pass if their lives depended on it. This week, the Pats get their opportunity to rape the Miami Dolphins. But them hapless Phins are 6th in pass D! But then again, the only dynamite offense the Phins have stuck up to has been the Dallas Cowboys, and they vaulted 37 points on the scoreboard. So if the Pats put on another offensive show, and this time against the 6th-ranked pass D in the league, don’t come here rubbing it in my face because clearly the Phins D is old and isn’t that good anyway. Their 6th-ranked-D stat is misleading. This is a true test for Miami, but likely? They’ll fail.

And I’ll be putting my foot in my mouth when the Patriots hoist the Lombardi trophy on February 3, 2008, six years to the exact day they upset the mighty Rams. Damn irony.


2 thoughts on “The Patriots Are Not Who You Think They Are

  1. I’m wondering what the record is for one team clinching their division since the recent configuration of the league came into effect. Good Lord, they’re gonna be tough to beat by anyone, even the defending champs. Yeah, only a handful of years ago and it was the Rams in the big game…long removed from then now, huh…just like in Philly with the Eagles…long removed from those better days.

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