I wish I knew a good reason to fathom why Manny Ramirez is one of the most highly coveted players in today’s MLB. He’s one hell of a ballplayer, always is one of the guys who can and will send a baseball into the fan stands whenever he gets good wood on the baseball. However, he also has silly off-the-field (and sometimes on-the-field) antics that go along with that big play ability that isn’t so complementary.

Remember in 2006 when Manny wasn’t reporting to any of the Sox team-based gigs? ‘Used the excuse from what I believe, was so he could watch the winter Olympics? Bonehead. Whatever the reason was, he was ridiculed and scrutinized for it. And rightfully so. More recently, he leaves a comment to the media saying how it doesn’t matter if his team loses, that there’s always next season and that if they lose this year, “so what? It doesn’t matter.” I know, I know, Red Sox fans, defend him and wipe his ass every time he takes a shit and say “but he was trying to shut the ignorant New England media up, Troy, you heartless Sox hating bastard, shut the hell up you idiot and stop bad-mouthing us before I bust a move on your punk ass weblog. At least he was being optimistic by saying “There’s always next year! Ahh ha, Bahh-ston, Troy, Bahh-ston, Troy.”

First of all, shut the hell up. Second of all, that optimism is the fan’s job to say “there’s always next year” and that piece belongs to the long-suffering and afflicted beings also known as Chicago Cubs fans. Furthermore, is Manny Ramirez in the same universe I’m living in? Because if he is, then I must question if he’s in his right and correct mind? How many other athletes in the sport or in any sport that are respectable veterans that go to the media and let them know that there’s no avail even if they don’t win, it doesn’t matter or mean zilch; let there be next season and a long winter to pre-up it.

That’s just a quick rant. The next time he hits a home run while his team is down by a marginal deficit, think for a moment Sox fans and ask yourself “why do I enjoy having this guy on my team, besides the fact he hits homeruns?” Maybe he’s the reason why the Red Sox are slowly creeping up on the Yankees as the rightful top spot on my most disliked teams in sports list. Really, the rest of the Sox players I do like. David Ortiz is one hell of a fella, not a fan of Pedroia, even though many regard Curt Schilling as an asshole, I’m a fan; Josh Beckett’s one hell of a kid and you have to respect what he pulled out of his tricks in 2003 and what he did to the New York Yankees in the World Series, and if I list any more I may be having to elicit myself to make a list that will bore you.

Have a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “Manny Being Fanny

  1. Not everyone defends Manny in Boston and it seems that the people in Cleveland seem to have a bigger problem with this situation then anyone in Boston does because no one seems to be showing the whole video outside of Boston. It sells better that way if you only post half the truth.

    Manny said he was going to give it his all but that in the end if they lose it isn’t life or death. He also then said he would give all the individual stats for a World Series. Both the first and last parts of the video are usually not shown.

    Manny learned this behavior and attitude he has had in the past IN Cleveland. They turned him into the spoiled brat he is and the last Red Sox management let him continue it. The FACT is the current Red Sox ownership has tried trading him because they are fed up with his attitude but they are not willing to give him away just because other teams fans think it would be a good idea.
    I have criticized Manny in the past and I know others that have also but the fact is this time Manny is being railroaded.

  2. FDA, is there any possible way to get ahold of the full post-game chitchat with Ramirez? The media derives what every athlete/coaches say most of the time, so I’m not surprised of this case.

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