This is possibly my second or third ever post on here that isn’t related to sports. I MUST write my thoughts about this topic just to get it off my chest as it’s a big annoyance to me.

You see, blogs I like reading I add to my blogroll. Please don’t send me an e-mail and ask me to be on your blogroll only because it generates more views to your site and it’s a collaborative type of thing. I don’t like having sites on my blogroll, that when you add a person’s site and they add your’s to their’s and then you never ever see a comment from them again. The reasoning for that is they just want the views for their blog and don’t care.

Some of you guys can use your blogrolls like that, but I refuse to do that on my page. I don’t understand what the point is of having someone’s site on your blogroll and on their blogroll too when you never comment eachother AT ALL. Again I’m going to reiterate my point that; hold up again. My whole style of typing this out of whack, let me make this all simple and clear:

See my blogroll — the sites that I have added are ones that I read because I find them enjoyable and entertaining. Not because I feel that I need to be obliged to do so because we trade blogrolls; that’d be freakin’ crazy.

So many people on WordPress do that kinda crap for page views, when page views will soon enough eventually come.


2 thoughts on “Wrongful Blogrolling

  1. Ditto. I keep my Blogroll the same – I make it a point to read everyone listed on mine AND comment on their stuff on a regular basis, anticipating they will return the gesture. By the way, don’t hesitate to throw up a non-sports related post now and then. That way, I think we all get a more well-rounded view of each other and where we’re comin’ from.

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