I try to limit myself on the Cubs bashing on and off the net due to the e-mails I get from some of my buddies that are Cubs fans and have went through crap their whole life due to it. They had the upperhand on our arguing/”this team sucks” teasing for 2007 because the Cubs eventually finished first in the NL Central. Anyway, I made a visit to YouTube about 10 minutes ago and I found this video (that I’m about to post) when I was going to look up the Justin Upton video from last night’s Rockies/D’Backs game instead. Enjoy the video, titled “Cubs Fans: Please Stop Believing!”


2 thoughts on “Cubs Fans: Please Stop Believing!

  1. I love the passion the Cubs fans bring to the table and really got caught up in it while the hometown Phils made their run this season. I look at Philly and Chicago’s baseball organizations as being equally frustrating (and thereby having something in common) when you look at the size of their respective markets and substantial capacity for someone with “deep pockets” to take ownership and get some players to actually win it all…one of these years.

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